Poop Is Hard

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ambertane - April 20

We have been giving my baby Enfamil Lipil with Iron in the past 4 days she has been going poop but it has always been really hard & it has always really hurt her. We tryed suppository & prune juice but it was still hard. Any suggestions on what to do??? Is there any formula that will make her stools less hard???


Lillie E - April 20

my son has been having this problem too. we give him similac advanced and lately his poop is really hard even after we give him juice and what not.


cynthia334 - April 20

Hello I have had the same problems. My 2 month old was an Similaic and his bowel movements were hard. We just used that because that is what the hospital gave us. We were told by the hospital that the iron in his formula, specifically the Similac, is what makes the bowel movements hard because it takes the water in his system. I called Similac and they said it isnt true. So its hard to tell. He has been to the hospital about his hard bowel movements until we just switched to Nestle good start, it has comfort proteins that makes it easier to digest. So far he is doing good. HIs bowel movments used to be hard to pa__s but now they arent at all. I was also told to put sugar in their bottle, as well as bicycling their legs and rubbing their tummies. Hope this helps.


Jbear - April 20

You can give a little bit of water, if she's under two months it shouldn't be more than two ounces a day, to loosen things up. If she's old enough for solids, try feeding her stewed prunes (gerber makes them).


austinsmom - April 20

don't know if it will help but book I am reading says put vasaline on thermometer and insert into rectum like you are taking temp and stimulation will make them go if they are constipated.......it also says apple juice is natural laxative you can mix with water to dilute ......thats what it says anyway.....good luck


Sarahsmommy - April 20

I don't know but you may want to try other types of juice. The handout the doctors office gave me yesterday said that any fruit with a "P" in the name is good for softening stools, like pears, peaches, apples, etc.


AmandaManns - April 21

We have been having problems with my baby since he was 3 weeks old with constipation, he is now almost 18 weeks old. Believe me we have tried EVERYTHING!!!! We have changed his formula 4 times, Similac Advance w/Iron, Isomil w/Iron, Nestle Good Start, Similac Alimentum, without any luck. We have tried prune juice and apple juice no luck there. We have had to give him about 5 enemas in the last 3 months. When he did go it was hard. Well we started him on Rice cereal about 2 weeks ago and mixed it with apple juice instead of formula or water and that was not helping. Finally we went to a different doctor and he told us to start solid baby food. He said to start any yellow vegetable, such as carrots, squash, sweet potatoes. We started him on carrots 2 days ago (which he loves) and he has went potty both days and it has been soft and given him no problem while going. I am not sure how old your baby is and it really depends on the baby as to when to start solid food, but my lil man was born 10 lbs and now at 4 months he is 17 lbs 5 oz and he was more than ready for some solid food. Best of luck to you...I know what you are going through!


Maria OTMA - April 21

Isn't it the extra iron in formula that can make it hard? I would try lots of drinks of water in between feeds, and switching formula. You should mention it to your ped.


erikas - April 21

I have heard of prune juice diluted with water. Good luck.


ChaycesMom - April 21

I have a 2 1/2yr old son and he has always had hard bowel movements. No straining or anything like that, but it has always been little hard b___s. Pear juice and prune juice are the best thing, diluted if needed, to help with bowel movements. Apple juice can sometimes have the adverse affect, meaning it can make them more constipated. Make sure you do what you can now to keep his/her system running smoothly. I never thought there was any problem with my sons bowel movements, he was going a couple times a day, up until 2 weeks ago when he started screaming because it hurt to pee. His system was so backed up from constipation, that the pressure hurt him to pee or poop. He is now on medication for a while until everything clears up. Just a heads up on what could happen.



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