Poop Out Of Clothes

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Ciarasmom - March 7

Hi, I'm just wondering what do you use to get the yellow staining poop out of your lo's clothes. I perfer to use natural products or remedies. If I catch it right away I can wash it out but when we are out and about I can't aways find a sink and soap. If you have any good ones let me know.


tryingx3 - March 7

Major stains, I soak in borax.


Nerdy Girl - March 7

I like Fels Naptha. My friend with 5 kids gave it to me when I had my first. She said it will get out any stain.


ssmith - March 7

OxyClean Baby is AMAZING! My dd used to have b__w outs constantly....that stuff is awesome!!


Emmie - March 7

When my ds was little I would soak his clothes in dishsoap. It worked everytime I dont have a single stain. I would rub dishsoap on the spot and then put it in warm water and let it soak for a while. It cuts the grease.


Kristin72 - March 7

If this happens when we are out I wipe the stain first with the baby wipes..and if at all possible run under cold water and use handosoap to keep the stain moist till we get home. If you have a bottle of water handy soak it and throw it in a plastic bag for later.


Ciarasmom - March 7

Thanks guys. I hate spending money on clothes and then worn once and ruined due to the staining.


CyndiG - March 7

Totally toddler works good too.


Kara H. - March 7

I love Totally Toddler Spray! It is an enzyme pretreat that literally "eats" the poo (or vomit, food stains, formula, etc.) with good bacteria. As soon as I take off a poopy piece of clothing, I spray the stain until it is saturated, then toss it in the laundry basket until I get around to washing the load. I have yet to have something permanantly stain. It will also work to prevent formula stains too. It is usually on the baby aisle at the store.


tryingx3 - March 8

Never heard of Totally Toddler - will look for it.


Erynn21 - March 8

I'm with ssmith Oxyclean is mother best friend for poo stains, it will clean stuff out even if it has sat, or has already been washed. Once you're home just soak for about a half an hour. I've never had to throw any clothes away. I started giving this in gift baskets for new moms because it is so awesome.


mandee25 - March 8

Is Shout okay to use on stains on baby clothes?


Ciarasmom - March 8

Thanks guys, I'll have to get some of these. The totally toddler sounds really good. I love bacteria, those little guys are amazing ( I'm doing my bachlors in micro). I hope I can find it in a store here.


tryingx3 - March 8

I can't buy oxyclean baby - just regular oxyclean, didn't do anything for me. How do you "use" it? directly on clothes, warm water?, soak?



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