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M - November 17

I have a 4 week old who isn't pooping as much anymore. She does give me wet diapers though. Is this normal for this stage?


Sarah - November 17

It's normal for a b___stfed baby but not sure about formula fed?


Heidi - November 17

My 5 wk old is doing this too! She always has a poopy diaper but the last three days it's only been a couple and it's only a wet diaper. She's eating a lot more too and sleeping alot. I figure it's a growth spurt thing. Now today she had more poopy diapers. I'm sure it's normal but if she's not having at least 3 or 4 poops you might want to ask her doctor.


Tati - November 17

As long as she is pooping everyday and has wet diapers she's good. And it's better for you less diapers to change and you'll start saving more since the first month they go through the most diapers in a month.


d - November 17

My son whether breasfed in the beginning months or formula fed after 6 months sometimes there is an odd day he would just not poop but the next day there would be something. My doctor said as long as he's drinking and eating and peeing that's o.k. Not to worry.


Lissi - November 17

Breastfed babies can go for days without a bowel movement. Nadya did the exact same thing when she was 4 weeks. I was really worried about it, because nobody warned me this could happen. I read about it on the internet though, and found out that it's even been known for a b___stfed baby to go as long as 15 days, without a pooping! I couldn't really find any information as to why it happens. Some people think it's because b___stmilk gets digested so well. I think it's more of a growth spurt thing. As long as when she does go, it's a substantial amount, normal color and constistency, and she has plenty of wet diapers every day, she's fine. WARNING! Be prepared for a major poop explosion when she does finally go! I wasn't prepared, and didn't know where to start cleaning Nadya first. I used almost a whole pack of wipes too! :)


Barb - November 17

I am just going through this too! Trinity is 5 weeks old today and she went 5 days without a poop!! I actually called a laleche league leader about it yesterday, she said it was fine as long as she was wetting...well, if she didn't poop today I was going to call the doc., but BOY did she finally go last night =) ...so, I guess it's normal for b___stfed babies.


sam - November 17

my son does the same thing...sometimes he has many poop diapers in one day and for the past month and a half (he's 3 mos. now) he has a poop diaper every 2-3 days sometimes longer...i'm talking MAJOR poop diapers where everything, including his little peter is covered in layers of it and it stinks to high heaven...and you can hear it too, while it's happening, like a literal explosion. i've read that it's because they're growing and need more of the calories/nutrition b/c of this...it can start as early as 1 month old. i do b___stfeed.


M - November 21

Thanks ladies, I feel much better! Lissi, thanks for the warning! Sam, - couldn't help but laugh when I read your post. That's too funny!



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