Poop Question

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MommyMeg07 - November 9

I have a very healthy 9-month old baby girl. She, of course, eats 3 meals a day (cereal in the AM and a variety of meat/fruits/veggies for lunch and supper.) We're also still br___tfeeding. She nurses in the morning SOMETIMES, then between breakfast and lunch, usually between lunch and supper, then before she goes to bed, then once during the night. Nothing has changed in the last couple of days, but today she has been having a VERY hard time pooping. Today she literally screamed while she was pooping and it looked like an adult poop. Not in size, but in texture and how hard it was (yes, I felt it, ha ha - with the diaper though!) I'm concerned, but thinking there can't be anything wrong b/c her diet hasn't changed. I've even been giving her Gerber Prune Apple juice to drink in her sippy. The ONLY thing I can think of is that maybe she's been drinking less br___tmilk - but not very much less at all. Has anyone been through this?


suze42 - November 9

mommy, I have had alot of experience w/constipation w/my DS...he basically experieced what you said from 3month on...hes 5 and still needs help sometimes. I also wondered what would bring it on, when his diet was so consistent..so i dont think its all diet tho diet is important in preventing it. I suggest you do what you re doing...give the prune juice first.. Since this is just now happening at 9mos...its probably not a chronic issue like w/my son. Everyone gets backed up now and then. I laughed when you said you felt the poop...i cant tell you how much poop ive touched and inspected...lol. Yay motherhood.


excited2bemama - November 10

the iron in cereal can be really constipting for some b___stfeed babies... I imagine she has been on cereal for a while but maybe skip the cereal for a few days and see if that does anything...If she is eating meat then she can get her iron from the meat.


DDT - November 10

Very very normal...my almost 9 month old ds will also occasionally have a hard "adult-like" poop like what you have described. My doc said its completely normal because as they start to eat like adults their poop will become similiar to ours. I have found that beans makes him "go" if he has had some hard poops. Especially black beans. Also pears & prunes. Unless she hasn't pooped in a few days or there is blood in her poop then I wouldn't worry about it.


countrymom401 - November 10

My bf baby is 8 months old and has been constipated too. I started mixing wheat germ in with his cereal and haven't had any problems since



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