Poor Baby

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Chelsey - September 30

Last night, I was in Gabriel's room, putting clothes in his dresser. Gabe was sitting in his little bouncy chair, almost sleeping. His older sister came into the room wanting me to open her ATM/ bank machine toy, and it slipped out of her hand and landed right on his head!!!!!!! Its a big heavy, hard plastic toy. I have never been so horrified, or have never heard a baby cry from so much pain! I picked him up right away, and he had curled himself into a little ball just screaming! He had a dent in his forehead! Well, that dent turned into a goose egg the size of a quarter, in the matter of seconds! I ran downstairs shouting to my husband, "Get a babysitter!!!!! We've got to take Gabriel to the hospital!" I was soooo panicked that my husband had to take Gabe from me, because I was shaking so bad, and I would have dropped him! Gabriel cried for about 10 minutes, Dad got him to settle down, while I was on the phone with the emergency room! Turned out that I didn't have to take him to the hospital, the nurses said it wasn't neccessary. They gave me a check list of things to look and watch out for. I was up all night, and when I did sleep, it was in the rocking chair beside his crib, for no more than 20 minutes at a time. I have never felt so helpless, or inadequate. If only I had been a foot closer, I could've caught her toy, and saved my little guy an awful lot of pain! And Hailey....poor thing, was crying because she thought that she killed her baby brother, and she was mortified! She even got her shoes on, because she was going to bring him to the hospital herself! We told her constantly that it wasn't her fault, and it was just an accident. But she's not really herself today! I think she was pretty traumatized from all of the noise and commotion. Whhhooooo....alright, I feel better now, just had to share one of the most scariest times of my life with you all! Gabriel is much better today, he barely has a mark on his forehead, only a little bruise. He's just tired from me waking him up every 1/2 hour during the night to make sure he was breathing, and conscious!


Jadyns Mommy - September 30

Oh Chelsy you poor thing! Bless your heart, Gabriels heart and little Haileys heart too. What an ordeal that all had to be. Im so happy the little guy is ok but I cant even imagine how scary it had to be for everyone. Luckily babies are so resiliant and he doesnt even remember it already. As for Hailey, Im sure it will take her awhile to forget it if ever but now when they get older whenever he does something smart, she can say that she knocked some sense into him when he was a baby (that is how my mom always made my sister and I feel better after a head wound! hehe)


BBK ® © - September 30

Holy smokes Chelsey, but when the ending is good, it's all good! It'l make a good story to tell them when they both grow up!


chelsey - September 30

Yeah! Something for the baby book! When Hailey was about the same age as Gabriel, she was lying on the middle cushion on the couch, I was sitting by her feet, her Dad came in and sat by her head and accidently knocked her head (hard) with his elbow! I think Dad felt worse than Hailey! I've had lots st_tches and wounds on my head while a child, thankfully, dont remember how I got most of them!


keekee - September 30

Oh Chelsey!!! Wow, accidents happen and a month from now you will be laughing at the whole ordeal. Don't worry little Gabriel won't even remember the hit. May sure you take a picture of the bruise and put it in your family's sc___p book. Hey, I'm trying to make you laugh. Try not to stress over what happen. There was no way of preventing something like this. Huge Hug!!!! Take care Chelsey!!!


CEM - October 1

awww, poor little guy! i hope he's alright - i'm sure he will be with a mom like you! at least it was your daughter and not your husband - the other day my middle son was asleep on the sofa with his "hot dog" (his blanket, okay it is big and good at concealing but STILL...), and my husband came along and sat right on his little head! the worse part is that he didn't even notice until he started squirming!! what a dork eh? take care of your little man, and let us know how he's doing. ;-)


To CEM - October 1

That was to funny how did your husband not notice your son sleeping on te couch,even with him sitting on his head. Must be a male for you. Lisa*9


angela - October 1

i know exactly how you feel, yesterday my 5 month old fell off the bed!!!! i put her down so ican make her bottle and she just turned and fell off. i was so terrified but she only cried for 2 min and she was fine i think it just scared her i know i was scared and i felt like such a bad mother but this things happen i know i'll prob be laughing in a few months but i still feel bad now.:(


CEM - October 1

Lisa*9 - yes, he is a typical man! he would lose his head if it wasn't screwed on! no, in his defense, it was dark in the room, there was a candle burning and that's it. but knowing him, he would have done it in broad daylight as well :I


chelsey - October 3

Hey everyone! Thanks for your kind words! Gabriel is great, bruise is gone, and he's full of smiles once again! Hailey even forgot about it, she now says that she's not even sorry! Little turkey!....Oh well, we got home the other day, and were trying to get everybody in the house (thats a huge task), and Hailey turned around and hit her head on Gabriels car seat, which I was holding, and almost knocked herself out! I told her that was Gabriels revenge for dropping her toy on his head! She scowled and walked away! Oh, cant wait until Gabriels big enough, and the two of them fight and sc___p all of the time! I practically remember every fight my older brother and I had, so I can imagine! Angela, I hope your little girl is alright after rolling off the bed! When I was 11, I was changing my baby brother, and bent down to pick up a diaper pin, and he rolled off of the change table! He cried forever! I felt sooo bad! He's grown up now, and he is just fine! Safe babies everyone!!!!!!!



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