Poor Double Sick Baby

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Kara H. - January 12

I have been bragging about how Max has not been sick once besides for the AR, but once again my big mouth has caught up with me. Poor Max got his first head cold two days ago, but fortunately was just a few days from the 6 month mark so he has been able to take a small dose of OTC decongestant. Now two days later he has diarrehea, vomiting and fever. Poor guy. The ped said to only give him Pedialyte for the next 12 hours. Do you think I can still give him the decongestant and tylenol to help with the head cold that is still ongoing even though he has the tummy syptoms?


lexa - January 13

Yikes! Sorry to hear about your little one! That virus (diahrrea/vomiting) going around is pretty nasty! I would maybe confirm with your ped on giving the decongestant is they said only Pedialyte. As for the fever, I can't personally see letting that go. I would try a lukewarm bath to see if you can get the temp down. Poor baby! Good luck.


maryl14 - January 13

i agree with lexa the fever has to be controled as for decongestant call your ped


lexa - January 13

Hows the baby doing???


LisaB - January 13

I was told no to the decongestant and tylenol unless absolutely nessacary. My ped has told me the decon can do more harm than good and Tylenol is hard are the tummy so it may upset the belly even more so I would hold off.


Kara H. - January 13

We had been doing the decongestant at ped's suggestion since sinus congestion so often leads to ear infection. She said she would much rather him take a decongestant and avoid taking an antibiotic for an ear infection. That made total sense to us to we had been doing it. We were doing HALF of a triaminic infant thin strip every 4-6 hours and it really seemed to be helping. We have held off of the decong. since the stomach stuff started. I couldn't get Max to drink the pedialyte but my hubby had the great idea of putting his Tylenol (which he loves the tast of) in the bottle with the unflavored pedialyte and he would drink it so he is still getting a bit of that. But - and I am going to start a new thread on this - the ped thinks he has rotavirus. And let me tell you, I could kiss my ped dept nurse friend who insisted that we do the rotavirus vaccine. Max was seriously vomiting and having diarrhea last night. We almost ended up at the ER, but I was able to get an once/per hour of fluids in him all night. I put him in bed with me and clipped my cell phone to me with the alarm set to vibrate to wake me up. I had brough a bottle of half water/half pedialyte to bed with us and I coaxed him to drink a little every hour and then whenever he stirred a bit. His soft spot was really sunken in, but the ped said that we could continue to treat at home as long as he continued to have a moist mouth and tears when he cried. It was a long rough night. I had to change both of our pajamas twice last night due to his intense vomiting and the sheets once despite having a thick doubled up towel underneith him. If the child has had the vaccine, they can still get the illness, but the duration and severity will greatly reduced. She said that since Max has been getting the vaccine, we could expect 1-2 days of vomiting and 1-3 days of diarrhea. In a child that has not recieved the vaccine, you can expect 3 days of vomiting and 5-9 days of diarrhea. She said that over 50% of children will have it before the age of 2 and 50% of them will be hosptialized. I know Max would have ended up in the hosptial if he had not had the vaccine. I am so glad we did it.



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