Poor Sick Baby What Would You Do

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ry - February 5

My dd is 10 months old and I am very lucky she really hasnt ever been sick yet. But for about 2 days now she has had a cough (i know she got it from my little cousing grrr!) But yesterday she just wasnt herself and wasnt eating well. I noticed her cheeks were really red and she felt warm last night before bed but we had a huge fire blazing so i figured it was just from that. She was so tired and cranky she went to bed an hour early (7pm). She woke up again at 11:30pm and wasnt really crying but I got her up anywyas to change her and i am so glad i did because she was BURNING hot and her cheeks were bright red. She had a fever of 103.2 and i panicked. Anyways we were up all night and i rocked her, gave her tylenol, etc And today her fever is down to 99.5. but she still does not feel well and is not eating well (she IS talking her bottles though). So my dilhema is should I take her to the doctor? Ordinarilly I would in a second but we have a wind chill of negative 25 degrees right now and it is 3 degrees outside. All of the schools, daycares, some business, and local transportations are closed because of the dangerous conditions outside. I am feeling that taking my sick baby out in this is not such a great idea. Since I am controlling her fever and comforting her right now do you think it is best to kind of wait it out or do you think i might be depriving her of medicine if she needs it? I am at a loss as to what to do and the peds office said it was my call they couldnt tell me what to do. Sorry so long!!!


sahmof3 - February 5

I think you should wait at least another day. I say this because my kids had bad colds and I took them for their well visit a little over a week ago...and a few days later they had diarrhea, fevers and my poor dd was so sick she slept all day. There was so much illness going around in that peds office!! If you were just running to your car and into the doc the cold should be ok if she bundled and covered, but if you were to break down or something that would be scary, too. Well, that's just me being paranoid, but that's what I worry about in this extreme cold. Anyhoo, as long as she's eating she'll probably be ok, but I'd reevaluate tomorrow...


Kara H. - February 5

Call your ped and tell her that your LO has a cold and that the OTC stuff just isn't cutting it. Ours put Max on P Chor GG which is an infant cough/cold/decongestant. Our ped said to give it every six hours, but our pharmasist (who wife is a good friend of mine) told me to cut the dose in half and give it every three hours, since it will wear off at about 3.5 hours. We tried it both ways and his way worked better. He also recommended Motrin over Tylenol, since you only redose every six hours with it so your LO can get more sleep. We also kept the house nice a steamy by boiling water on the stove. Our ped said she didn't need to see him in the office unless he started wheezing or his lungs sounded crackly or if the skin would go in between his ribs when he would breath in. So far we are at day 4 and he is still really fussy, but we have not had any of the warning signs she told us to look out for.


ry - February 5



KLC - February 5

Hi Ry...I hear you its cold here in NY!!!! Anyway, Aaron just got over the croup and it started the same way. High fever and this horrible cough. I took him in to the pedi twice last week and each time I got the same response. There isn't anything more you can do. So because it is so freaking cold here I would just keep giving her the tylenol and maybe run a humidifier in her room and be sure she gets plenty of fluids. If that is working for now I would wait till tomorrow because it so bad out. Also in addition to the croup Aaron is working on two teeth so needless to say I feel your pain. He didn't want anything but me to hold him all last week.



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