Possibly Pregnant Again After Giving Birth 31 2 Mos Ago

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KIel - January 1

I'm totally freaking out! I started back on the pill close to two months ago, but my husband used a condom for the firsrt month just as a second safety measure. Anyway, a week prior to when I should have agot my period I had light spotting for a week. THen the week should have got my period I had light for about 3 days. Today I should have got my period according to my pack of pill. I am not feeling any sympotms of my period and I'm wondering if it is possible that I could be pregnant again.


Beccah - January 1

Was your pregnancy test positive or negative? It is very possible to get preg so soon after giving birth... just realize that BC can screw with your periods.


Kel - January 1

Beccah, I did not take a test yet. I figure I would wait until tomorrow. I would be two days late then. I feel like an idiot but what is BC.


ti - January 1

you can get a pregnancy test now, either blood or urine test and that will tell you if you are or not


Kel - January 1

TI, thanks. Beccah I figured out what BC is (birth control). Perhaps my bc is screwing with it. I've been off of birth control for about 13 months. I had my son Sept. 21 and stopped taking the pill about 2-3 months before I found out I was pregnant. I wonder if I just kind of forget what pms feels like


Beccah - January 1

Take the preg test tomorrow and let us know what it says. I'm curious now :-) I had my son on Sept. 20th so our kids are about the same age! LOL I just started taking my BC today. If you really are "totally freaking out" you should run to wal mart or walgreens or something and pick up a test. It may let you sleep better, just knowing. I doubt you are preg since you are on BC though.


amanda.d - January 1

I know that when I was taking BC that I wouldn't get my period until about day three off. I hope this helps :)


lisa - January 2

if your b___st feeding that can mess with periods too, did you do a test


Christy - January 2

Try First Response, You can even take it a few days before you're supposed to get your period.


Liz - January 2

Kel- relax girl. Everything will work out in the end. I'm in the same situation as you think your in. I got pregnant 12 weeks after I had my son and know I'm 18 weeks with a 7 month old and I am psyched. I admit I was a little shocked at first and so was my husband but after that went away I was excited about my Irish twins.


Kel - January 2

First off, thank you all for you encouragement. Second, I took the test today and I'm NOT pregnant, but still have not got my period. I'm not b___st feeding so I know that has nothing to do with period. Perhaps my cycle will be similar to amanda;s. I was freaking out because ion one hand t just seems soon to have another one, yet on the other hand I secretly would have been excited. My husband and I want 2 or 3 kids, but we planned on waiting a year or two before having a second one. Anyway all is good. Liz, congrats to you. You must be excited! I'm sure it will be an adjustment having a newborn and a 1 year old or younger, but it will be wonderful. Much luck to you and everyone else..


Beccah - January 2

Well, sounds like it would have been welcome either way. Congrats on not being preg! :-) I feel the same way as you do, stupid husband came inside me when I wasn't on birth control three weeks ago, so when my AF came on friday, I was dissappointed, but also relieved.


Kel - January 3

Just to let you all know, now I know I am definitely not pregnant. I got my period today. Three days later. Thanks again everyone.



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