Possibly Pregnant W Iud

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Lillie E - March 18

ok, so lately i've been feeling like i could be pregnant. my ds is going to be 5 months on the 26th and i got the merina iud in december. could i be reacting to the hormones or could i be pregnant? my really good friend had her ds in december and had her merina iud put in sometime in feb and she's thinking the same thing. anything would put our minds at ease...


shaylan.rae - March 18

im the good friend..... and yeah. basically, im gaining weight, im irritable to the max, im tired constantly, and ive been feeling sick and getting hot flashes..... anyone have these things happen?


olivia - March 18

my friend got prengant with an iud. She had 3 girls already and was 'done' having kids. Well, she got her little boy, IUD and everything... I think it is pretty rare but an hpt should still be accurate. good luck ladies, let us know how it turns out!


olivia - March 18

another thought, it could very well be the hormones released by the iud that are causing your reactions. A different friend of mine had constant pms symptoms from her IUD and eventually had it removed because of similar symptoms. Sorry none of this is first hand info but neither of these friends posts here.


Lillie E - March 18

well with shaylan, i could understand that because she just got hers, but i just started feeling like this and i've had mine for 3 months now.


C - March 18

Did you take a HPT?


Lillie E - March 19

sahy did and hers said neg. i took one, but i messed it up...


Dalfie - March 20

I got my merina in Nov. I too felt like I was pregnant at about 3 months after I got it (Jan/Feb). When I was about to take an hpt, the pregnant feelings went away! I got a really strange symptom both when I miscarried and when I first got pregnant with my DS. I had a sore swelling just below my xiphoid process... I got this same symptom in Jan with the merina but it went away the next day. I've wondered if the merina works on me by allowing the egg to fertilize but not to implant???


jess - March 21

thats exactly what it does dalfie


michserena - April 2

I just found out tonite that I am pre. I have the copper T IUD and I am scared that something might be wrong. But I did not think it was possible. I am still in schock. I wish you all the best of luck.


lvmommy - December 29

I had the iud put in 5 and a half months ago and now feel like I'm pregnant. I've take 3 home pregnancy tests and they all say negative. Has this ever happened to anyone before and it turned out that they were in fact pregnant?


msneon - January 8

I've felt pregant for a few months now, but I've had 4 tests say negative. But now my strings have gone MIA. I called the doc and I have an appointment to go in to find the strings. She told me that a lot of the symptoms of the IUD parallel to pregancy. First time anyone in a doc office has ever told me this, everyone else has always acted as if I was crazy. LVMOMMY let us know what happens.


valariemichelle - August 24

I feel just horrible like when I was prego but I have an iud is possible even though I have a not so normal period.....HELP.......


amber presley - December 4

i've been on the paragaurd since april. It brought my period down as soon as I got it. then i started having my period once every other month for the first four month.the past two months my period has been normal coming on time and everything. Now i'm worried because I'm more than a week late and I haven't been feeling myself lately. I can admit I'm a little in denial because i already have 3 and my husband and I just split up and I know if I have another baby by him he's really going to be hara__sing me


ceiinwyn - December 22

hey amber I'm in the same boat. I'm more than a week late but my test came back negative so I have no idea....it could be a number of things such as stress, i didn't ovulate, i am not producing enough of the pregnancy hormone or the hormone that cuase the lining in the uterus to shed monthly etc etc....i called teh doctors and they told me to wait antoher seven to ten days. I hear you.


TaraS - February 26

Mine is very late..and usually on time and heavy each month after I got this IUd in 1 1/2 years ago. Been since the end of December when I had my last period...so like two months now. I did spot for four days in the second week of this month(Feb.), and it was light reddish and broan at times...but very very light. I have a copper iud(Nova-T) and it has no hormones to blame for that and all the other pregnancy feelings I have been haivng lately in the last month as well. I went to the doctor on the 18th, she took a urine test along with my pap test I was due for and it was negative and the strings were still in the right spot. She thinks I am nuts to think I may be preggo while on IUD, but I just feel too weird and am very paranoid now. I hope my period just shows up, but in case I will rebook an appoinment with her again in a month to make sure, if my period does not show up. Good luck everyone and I will keep you posted. Sure those who posted have theri answers by now. do you think my urine test was done to early and has anyone else had the same result on here and then later on found out they were right and were indeed preagnant?


bubsmum - January 2

I am not sure about that- however the gynacologist specialist I saw a while back about contraceptives said that IUD's release the same hormone and stuff into the body that Implanons did and I shouldnt even bother getting one as with the Implanon I ended up pregnant. I no Idea I was either, not until a couple of days after I had the implanon removed I felt a bit strange one morn and though better to be safe than sorry but couldnt see how it would be possible the doctor told me it was 99.9% effective, got a pregnancy test- positive- thought no way- bought 4 more all said positive and I nearlly died- made an appointment with the doctor turns out I was in my 2nd trimester- go figure my shock. So Id say if they are made up and release the same stuff as the Implanon like the gynecologist advised that they were- it would be possible best of luck with that



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