Post Baby Sex

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MichelleB - August 31

I gave birth a few weeks ago and have finally stopped bleeding, i was ready to have a little lovin'. In the past few weeks i have been satisfying my husband in other ways, after going without for so long i was really looking forward to our first time post baby. It lasted like 2 minutes!!!! He finished off in that amount of time without even a thought of me! Makes me wonder if guys know the difference between making love and getting laid! I guess i just figured because it had been so long it would be something special, not just a quick romp with him only interested in satisfying himself.:( I just wanted to vent...feeling very unloved at the moment.


Kerry - August 31

Don't read to much into it.Its also been a long time for him even if you pleased him other ways Men can't help it. Next time will be better don't forget your still emotional with every thing that you've been through.Hang in there


... - August 31



Jamie - August 31

heh - I'm denying my husband EVERYTHING til we can DTD fully, in 3 weeks...if I can't have any fun at all, neither can he...


mb - August 31



* - August 31

What the hell does bump mean


sherry - August 31

yeah don't worry girl. after soo much waiting he was probobly so excited he just went nutso~! it will get better. i just had a baby to, and we haven't done it yet. iam kind of scared. does it feel the same? don't worry things will be ok. my hubby was very unattracted to me while preggo, for the first time ever our awesome love life crumbled, and he couldn't even get aroused and it hurt like hell feeling so he's hot for me again, when i never thought he would be. guess it was just the thought of his baby being in there. at any rate, i expect our first time to last about 2 minutes to. at least then i'll know i did get him super excited. hugs..feel better and try try again, lol


MichelleB - August 31

Thanks Sherry, it did feel somewhat the same, i think it takes a little time to get everything back to normal but there was no pain ir discomfort...and yes i will keep trying!! Take care and good luck


mb - September 1

anyone else?


Michelle - September 1

Yea my husband was the same way. He is was like a few minutes. They get so excited, they just *burst*!


Alisha - September 2

I completely deprived my husband for about 2 weeks after and I healed early. I was ready for lovin' too. He was very gentle, pa__sionate and it was amazing and lasted much longer than 2 minutes. Thats just not fair to you. I mean YOU just had the baby, shouldn't YOU get the pleasure.


nm - September 2



nelly - September 3

Me too and I was wanting to have a long special night and it was more like slam bam thank you mam.


MichelleB - September 6

Well it happened again! When am i going to get some loving!!!!!!


nicnac - September 9

what in the sam hell does bump mean??


Jbear - September 11

to nicnac...bump brings the question to the top of the list, so people will notice it and post their answers


s - September 14

my husband and i are having the oppisite problem he wants it all the time and i rarely do but i really want another baby what can I do?



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