Post Labor Pain Question

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cyclemom - February 25

This is more of a mommy-care question than an infant care question, but I gave birth 5 days ago to my first baby. He was six days late and a whopping 9lbs. 5 oz. I had a 2 degree tear and it is still extremely painful. I've been rinsing everytime I go to the bathroom and I;ve been taking baths, but I still can't sit down without the boppy and it hurts every time I move or stand or lay down. How long does this last?? It's getting less painful everyday, but it's still pretty bad. Any advice on how to lessen the pain?? Thanks!


Wellis10 - February 25

Sorry, the pain has to go away on it's own. It took me almost two weeks to get my female parts to stop hurting. But like you said everyday was better .......until I went to the bathroom. But that got better to. Just keep cleaning and it will get better.


CyndiG - February 25

Did the hospital send you home with some of those ice pack things?? They help alot. If you don't have any, just make an ice pack and gently put it there. Try not to do to much. I know it's tempting to get back into the "swing of things", but you really need to just rest. Let others take care of you. If it's still not feeling better by another week, I would give your dr a call.


apr - February 25

I was told by a very well known midwife (where I live) that besides rinsing ALL THE TIME which is very important, the best thing is to sit on 'that part'. I cried out in pain, every time I had to sit, but she was so right. She told me that if you dont sit on it, it wont heal as quickly... I was cut really badly, but after a week, I was already feeling much better. Congratulations on your baby.


ash2 - February 25

There is this stuff that you can spray on the tear that could numb it. You can get it at a drug/pharmacy store. Do lots of " sitz" baths, that should help.


Hi - February 25

Witch Hazel helps ALOT.They gave me some after my son.Helped to heal and numbs the pain.You can get them cheap at any pharmacy.


Hi - February 25

They also sell them presoaked on small pads .Thats what I had.


DB - February 25

I delivered 1/31/07 and when I hit the one week mark I felt much better...and when I hit the 2 week mark I felt almost normal. I sat on pillows for the first two weeks (I also tore and had/have a nasty hemhorroid which is still giving me problems)...take stool softeners if you're having issues with that area. Don't worry, it will feel better soon!!


ninaatk - February 25

Hey there!! Well the good news is that although you have just "b__wn out your v____a- to quate Jenny Macathney" It does all get better! And for some quicker than others but I found that Epson Salts helped me - I took 2-3 baths a day and it really helped speed up my recovery! Good Luck and try to take it easy!!


ITSABOY - February 25

The pain is bad i know but it will be better beore you know it.1week later i was better and by 4 weeks i could not even tell i just had a baby you are back to normal.Each person os diffrent but i promise it heals before you know it.just enjoy the baby and time will fly by mine is already 6 months and i cannot believe it it seems like i just had him yesterday.Did you have a boy or a girl?


Emmie - February 25

the witch hazel pads do wonders I could not have lived with out them. Also take some paper towels and fold them in the shape of a pad and soak them in water and stick it in there. It should help a lot. Also be sure you are using warm water to spray on your self. I also could not sit and I always made sure I sat on a pillow or on the crack between the cushions on the couch. Hope this helps-good luck.


aggie03 - February 25 increases blood flow and ramps the healing process.


Smilefull - February 25 my hospital they took pads--like female hygiene pads and put them in the freezer---they were heaven. And it takes about 6 weeks for things to feel "normal" again...



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