Post Natal Depression

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sam - February 6

im on medication but im not feeling better, i cant cope with my baby. she cries a lot, fights sleep and i wake up eachday dreading the day ahead. what can i do?


Janet - February 6

I felt the same way when my son was born. I called my Ob-Gyn and he put me on meds. It helped. Don't be ashamed, get help.


janet - February 6

Sorry I answered to fast and then saw that you said you were already on meds. How old is your baby? Things get easier as time goes on. My son is a year now and they get easier to care for.


sam - February 6

shes 13 weeks old


olivia - February 6

sam, a lot of the medications take almost a month to get enough in your blood to get you feeling better. Hang in there, ask for help watching the baby if you can get any. Also if you get some talk therapy as well as medication it might speed up the recovery time. Also, they don't always get the right medication on the first try. You may have to switch if this one is not effective for your depression. After another month the baby will get easier to manage, 3 months is a big changing point for most babies.


Sarahsmommy - February 6

I would defently say to get somebody to watch the baby for a couple hours and you take a break, whether it's taking a nap, going out, or whatever. If you b___st feed it would be ok to pump for one bottle, it not your baby would be fine taking a formula bottle from someone else. Also if it's been more then about 2 weeks since you started your meds I would call the doctor and tell them they don't seem to be helping, they may need to increase the dose or change it to something else. Hope you start feeling better soon.


Sarahsmommy - February 6

I forgot to say also see if you can find a moms group in your area or just if you can find somebody who has a baby about the same age as yours then ya'll can talk about baby life. This may help. If you can't find either of those just talk to somebody who has kids and see if this helps. Oh course you can keep talking to us too.


Liz - February 6

I was lucky and never got post depression but i know that my sister did becuase her two children where so close together. The only thing that you can do is take breaks, take one thing at a time and try not to overwhelm yourself.. baby's do cry and if it gets to be much. see if you can get help or hire someone part time to come and help..



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