Post Pardum Acne

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pizza face - November 27

before and during my pregnancy i never had much of a problem with acne but since my dd was born (she is almost 8 months) i have had acne it is getting annoying i am running out of options for things to try did anyone else have this happen what did you use (if i find something that works ill have to keep it in mind to tell my dd someday) i know this isnt infant care but i am out of ideas any help would be apreciated


????????? - November 27



Sindel - November 27

Hi i've read that you can use those on the spot creams all over your face to help prevent pimples.. theres also some different birth control pills that help. Like ortho tricyclen helped me out when i was in my teens. You could always order that proactive stuff too.


kr - November 27

Are you b___stfeeding?


Christy - November 27

Have you been to a dermatologist? I have had acne for 20 years and the stuff I use is by prescription only. I used to be on the Pill, which helped a lot, and had two prescription topicals I used as well. Right now I am only using topical erythromycin pads because it is safe to use during pregnancy and b___stfeeding. The doc said to come back a few months after baby's birth and we'll see what my skin is up to then. If you can go to the derm, do it.


pizza face - November 27

i was bf but havent been for a while, proactive makes my face burn, i cant afford to go to a dermotologist and the inurance doesnt cover them, its just frustrating i used to have no problems with it and since giving birth i have had more acne then ever thanks for the advice, maybe what i need is a crazy method using stuff you allready have at home? thanks for the answeres


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 27

Look into the product called Beauty Control. After you have your baby your hormones are all out of wack for the next (appx) 2 years (depending on when you stop b___stfeeding) Your face is probably really oily (mine is and it has always been really dry) If you stay home during the day, try washing it during the day, never use alcohol, bar soap (it is a breeding ground for bacteria) or any shampoo or baby soap on your face (it will only make inflamed pores worse) If you cant find anyone that sells beauty control, look into getting a facial (find someone that uses Dermalogica) you can also buy the product from them or you could go talk to a beauty consultant at any major retailers (Dillards, MMCohn, etc) P.S. I am speaking facts, not just hear/say....


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 28

I always had some acne issues and was on prescription topical stuff too, but went onto the topical erithromycin also, and seems to work well. I decided to just stay on that rather than go back to the dermatologist and get a pill, which they said I could do after birth.


momma - November 28

i have tried everything too, recently i have found a pressed powder by elf (never heard of it b4) but it said it "clarifying" on it and it was about 1$ i have only used it for a few days but it seems to be working i combine that with oil of olay refeshing toner and the walmart brand cream clenser (i wash my face in the morning then put on the powder, use the toner at night)


Kerry - November 28

I also have the same problem never had any acne ever till my girl was born now its a fight right now I'm using a cleanser called frei its from germany it has milk in it and it seems to be helping I got it from a girl who has a salon who does facials I'm also waiting on a book from derma e to order some of their products they are all natural and people swear by it so I'm going to give that a try.I was told that all that stuff from walmart and drug stores actually makes acne worse because it burns your skin to dry out pimples instead of healing them which leads to scars and I've tried all them and i now have a few pitted scars. If you check on web for derma e you can see their products and get a book as you can't buy them in stores.I'll let you know when I start using it if there are any benifits.



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