Post Pardum Belt

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Amy_mommy - June 18

iknow this is off topic but i don't see manypeople on the pp forum so decided to post on here....... anyway, i delievered baby 9 weeks ago & basically, i've lost most of the weight.....i'm skinny as a stick but the problem is......MY STOMACH IS STILL SOOOOOOOOOOO BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do u ladies in here wear the pp belt & does it really work???????????


Annette - June 18

I did.... dunno what to recommend. My belly still looks awful but I have received comments (many) saying that it could be much worse....


ry - June 18

Hi Amy, I've lost all of my pregnancy weight (and then some) and was skinnier a week after having my girl then I was before I got pregnant and I did wear the belt (I had a c section). But I stopped after 6 weeks and now my tummy still sticks out a bit, I considered wearing it again but dont know if it is too late now or not. my dd is 11 weeks old. Anyone else know about this?


Rabbits07 - June 18

This is what I heard, but I've never used a PP Belt so I don't know. But, I heard that using the belt can actually keep the muscles of the tummy from toning up as it holds the belly in for you and doesn't work the muscles. I heard that just maintaining good posture and keeping your gut sucked in gets the best results as it works those muscles. This came from my SIL who has 7 kids, the youngest who is 3 years old...she is 41 years old and has a nice trim tummy. You'd never dream in a million years that she's had 7 kids!


Meredith - June 19

My baby is 6 months and my belly still looks funny, even with 100 crunches 2-3 times a week. I have lost all my weight as well, plus some from the last time. Time will help. I think it took about a year for me to feel like I had a normal tummy again...


^lucy^ - June 19

i wore my belt from day 1 at home,, i had a normal delivery (v____al) and i have 2 more kgs to lose to be like my pre pregnancy weight.. however,, i fit in my pre pregnancy pants and jeans and have no problem.. it does help keep ur tummy tight and inside.. it looks 95% like it used to b4 getting pregnant that sometimes i wonder where my baby was.. try it ,, i think it works!!



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