Post Partum Depression

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mosley12 - January 28

did anyone have any experiance with this? when did it start? how long did it last? what was it like and did it go away on its own or did you need medication


ash2 - January 28

I had the blues, which is similiar. I though i had ppd, but docs said if you are not willing to hurt them then it is the blues. You need to get to a doc and get med. Let him diagnose you and treat you with medicine.


mosley12 - January 28

i def. dont want to hurt him. i dont think i have it, but DH and i have been fighting loads and he said ever since i brought the baby home, ive been different, and stressing to much and just seem to be sad all the time. he's 3 months old now


k.p.j.e. - January 28

mosley tell your husband duh you have changed, you only turned your life completely upside down. Not every mom reacts by being Ms. Sunshine! Plus, post-partum depression has different stages. Just because you don't wan to hurt your baby, you could still be suffering from depression, especially considering that your hormones are out of balance. I am not calling Ash2 a liar or anything, but I disagree. I know someone who was diagnosed with ppd and she never felt like she wanted to hurt her child. Just to let you know. Anyway you may see a change in the next few months...I really hope you and your husband make it through this tough time and end up closer.FYI it supposedly goes away on its friend just went to counseling but she said once her daughter was 3 months old she started to feel better.


shelly - January 28

I had a bit of the baby blues,but felt more normal when lo was about 2 months and dh and i were argue for the whole time over totally ridicolous things,we were fine after the 2nd or 3rd month. I never felt that i would hurt him but i used to be scared holding him near windows or stairs in case i dropped him and stuff like that, my friends daughter has just had a baby boy,when she was still in the hospital[she was in there a week]on the 3rd day she had these visions and all she could see was "kill the baby" it was horrible,she had to see a councellor and is still under a social worker and the child is not at risk but called a needy child,shes back at home living with my friend but shes on meds now, my blues i noticed where around 3 weeks afterwoods, and i felt panicky and nervous about everything,i worried about everything and just felt generally so tired and it dosent help when your not getting hardly any sleep in the early days,its worth going to docs to get checked out,i had it with my first ds and went to the docs,sometimes it makes yu feel abit better just talking to someone.


CyndiG - January 28

Mosley, if this is your first baby, it's definately such a major change in your life! I remember when I had my first dd, I was a basket case for a whole year! Of course during that time I thought I was perfectly fine! Looking back though, I could see how I wasn't ok. Just keep in mind that "this too shall pa__s". Take it one day at a time. Have a heart to heart with dh. Remember though that this is also a huge change for him too. Both of you need to be patient with each other and communicate communicate communicate. I can't say that enough. If dh and I hadn't been married for 5 years before baby #1, we definately would have split up! It's such a strain on a relationship. Just talk to each other. Don't turn on each other. You need him and he needs you to make it through. Good luck!


BriannasMummy - January 28

I had a small touch of the baby blues. Right after the birth of both of my daughters I would cry for no apparent reason. With my first I cried for an entire day straight, everything seemed to upset me. Its a huge undertaking bringing a baby home from the hospital for the first time. Your life will never ever ever be the same.. and its a lot to wrap your head around! Its an entirely huge event for everyone involved, and its not something that can just be put into place all in one day. It definatly takes time and patience. It will pa__s, and things will just get better and better and better. Try to take the time to just sit and talk about what youre going through, and let him tell you what hes going through. If you support each other through it all, the transition can only be easier! Good luck with everything!! ~Kristin~


sahmof3 - January 28

It is possible to have PPD and NOT have thought of hurting the baby. That's what I had. I was sad, confused (something as simple as loading a dishwasher seemed stressful and overwhelming), exhausted, etc. and I didn't want to care for my son. I just went through the motions and did what I had to do to get through... all the while I was obsessively thinking...If only I could just get on a bus and leave and let dh and my parents worry about how to deal with the baby! I completely lost my appet_te... and I'm not a thin person... I REALLY like to eat, normally. I felt like my life as I knew it had ended and I had sentenced myself to 18 years of life without hope or sleep. It was BAD. There were certain times when it would temporarily lift and I still had sadness, but could think like my old self and try to have a positive thought, but then this DARKNESS would descend again and I couldn't seem to even force myself to think positively. It's hard to describe. I never got help for it after my oldest was born and it went away at 11 months... basically within a few days of him learning to sleep through the night! I got it w/ my daughter, too, but got to the doc and onto antidepressants after a few weeks. I couldn't go through it for almost a year again, like I had with my son. I told my doc that I didn't have thoughts of hurting my dd, but she still diagnosed me with PPD. For my 3rd baby I was put on antidepressants a month before I delivered and never got it! Anyway, that was my experience... I hope that you feel better soon!!!!


Kara H. - January 28

Have your thyroid checked? There is a condition that is called Thyoiditis that can cause PPD type symptoms. If you have a copy of What to Expect When You're Expecting there is a section in the postpartum chapter that talks about it. I hadn't experienced too much in the way of depression, but I was having thyroid type symptoms, so my internalist checked mine. Mine is definitely doing something so they are watching it. It is usually starts off with HYPERthryoidism at one to three months postpartum then sometime int he next few months it can switch to HYPOthyroidism. Some women develop the HYPERthyroidism but then it never goes to the HYPO side. Iam transistioning out of the HYPER and they are waiting to see if I go HYPO side. I have been feeling very tired, irritable, nervous, hot, and I couldn't sleep very well. I still feel irritable and tired, but the rest have gone away. She said if I start noticing feeling more down, muscle aches, hair loss, poor memory and ability to lose weight to call her and she will check it again before the month is up.


amberC - January 28

i was diagnosed with ppd. i never wanted to hurt my baby though. i was overprotective. it hit me about a week after dd was born. i was so upset and depressed. i couldnt function. i went see my doc and i was given meds. now i feel alot better. it was getting so bad i was having panic attacks!!



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