Post Partum Hair Thinning

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Liz - September 21

I am 5 1/2 months post partum now and for the last couple of months I have noticed that I am loosing my hair or something. I find it everywhere even though I always try yo keep it up. When I brush it a bunch falls on the floor and I can actually pass my hand over it and some always comes out. I'm worried about this because I don't want to loose my hair and I thought I'd ask here because I read that sometimes it can happen post partum due to hormones??? Has anyone ever experienced anything like this or heard of such a thing? THis never happened with my first baby??


momma - September 21

i had the same thing happen while pregnant the extra hormones prvent hair from falling out and after giving birth, the sudden hormone adjustment and stress to th body can give you what is called post partum alopecia all thats happening is your hair is "catching up". it should subside shortly but if not you might want to ask your doc wven if all you get is rea__surance (fyi i was a beautician up until my daughters birth)


Jadyns Mommy - September 21

Same here. I already have thick hair so hair in the drain has always been normal for me but while I was pregnant, it never came out and my hair was very full. Now my daughter is 4 months and I feel like I am shedding or something! My Dr says it is normal and all the hair that was retained throughout the pregnancy is coming out now. She says it is nothing to worry about so until I see a bald patch, I am just ignoring it :-)


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - September 21

My daughter is 4 1/2 months and I am going through it also. I have really thick hair so you cant really tell but I am losing hair very bad. I have been told that it just pa__ses, or if it gets very bad you can ask your doctor and get some meds.


KH - September 21

Yes, mine started exactly at 12 weeks with my first. I'm not looking fwd to it this time. My baby is almost 9 weeks old - I'm praying it doesn't happen this time, but it does resolve itself eventually.


wenling - September 22

it's normal hon, mine started falling out at 4 mths. it lasted a month and now i think i'm back to normal. It's just the hormones!


Liz - September 22

Oh my goodness! Thank you all so much for sharing this with me. I really didn't think that I would get this kind of feedback because I thought something must be happing to me. I hope this is what it is. I had never heard of this before and now I can say that I have learned something new. I did make an appt for a check-up but I kind of figure that unless I see actual bald spots I"ll not to worry to much either. Thank you all once again, it really helps me to know that is isn't so uncommon :)


d - September 27

My child is now 6 1/2, months and my hair is still falling out a lot. It began 3 months after my sons birth. Family Dr, says its normal and there is nothing you can do about it. I went to the dermatologist and I am waiting for blood results which he says there could be something but is checking just in case to see if its genetic and not hormones from pregnency because I'm balding on the top. I read an article and one lady found she had low zinc level and when she started taking the vitamin her hair recovered.



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