Post Partum Night Sweats

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Buffi R. - January 10

Sorry this is a little off topic, but I posted this question on the Post Partum board and haven't gotten any replies. Does anyone know how long pp night sweats usually last? With my first, I had this for the first two or three weeks after the birth, then it stopped. With this one, I didn't have this at all for the first four weeks, and now it's started. All my puffiness from water retention already seemed to go away before this started, so I'm wondering if the sweats are from something else. Anyone else have night sweats this late (I'm five weeks pp now)?


Kiersten - January 11

Hi Buffi! I'm 5 weeks pp too and last night was the first that I didn't have night sweats. It's miserable, huh? I'm a__suming it's just our bodies getting rid of all that fluid. My first day pp I was soooo puffy it hurt to walk too much. That all went away over night and I went home wearing shoes I hadn't been able to in months ( lol), but I still had the sweats for a few weeks. This is my first so I don't know if it's "usual" to go five weeks, but I thought I'd let you know you're not alone! :) GL and congrats on your babe! Motherhood is such a joy!


mlm056 - January 11

hi Buffi -- I had them into my 8wk. I didn't mind b/c every morning I could fit better into my jeans!! Hang in there!


Gretta - January 11

OMG I am having flashbacks from your thread! I had the WORST postpartum nightsweats for months after my dd was born. I remember thinking they would never go away. My husband would irritae me too telling me I was soaking the bed up. I would soak through my clothes 2-3 times a night. I had my doctor check my thyroid and hormone levels (all normal). I went about 12 weeks pp I think before they went away and than my hair started falling out LOL oh the joys of pregnacy. It was a long time but they did go away and are a distant memory now. Hang in there! Hope this helps.



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