Post Partum Weight Loss

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lovingmotherhood - November 14

How much did you gain while pregnant? How much have you lost so far? How old is your lo? I gained 48lbs, I've lost 38lbs, dd is 16 weeks old. I feel like I'm going to be stuck with these last 10lbs forever!


chrissi79 - November 14

I gained about 50 lbs - a lot in my last trimester when I developed HBP...not fun...very uncomfortable...I lost about 25 in the first 2 weeks of delivering...then I was at about 12-15 to go at about 6mths post partum. I now have like 3 or 4lbs to loose still. DD is 9mths...its so frustrating when you get down to the last few...I had to go the extra mile, and I started running a few times a week. Ten pounds fell off in no time, the last few are taking a bit longer but no big deal. It will come...hopefully soon...she'll be walking soon, so I'll probably be chasing her all over the place!! haha GL...


lin7604 - November 14

i gained 35 adn was 2 weeks over due. I lost it all with in 8 weeks but for some reason 10 lbs creaped back on me after,around the 6thmonth? I can't get that off at all now and it is driving me crazy as i am trying everything. I eat smaller portions and i was walking 1 hr 3 times a day and it won't leave??? My ds just turned one, so it makes me very sad as i thought it came off so easy and quickly too. I guess it was too good to be true!!!


excited2bemama - November 14

are you b___stfeeding? Some woman retain an extra 5-10 lbs while b___stfeeding. I gained 40- Lost 28- still have 12 lbs to go. DD is 5.5 months old.


pregnantjackie - November 14

10 lbs is nothing! I gained 75 lbs.....was 125...went to 200! I lost twenty and now I am almost 3 months post partum with 55lbs to go!


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - November 14

I gained 40 lbs, lost like 10 post partum, my daughter was 5lbs 14 oz, so all of that was me : ( But I haven't lost much other then that. I have tried and tried but nothing...what has everyone been doing, I walk and everything just nothing works


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - November 14

oh and also 2 1/2 months post partum


TiffanyRae - November 14

I gained 40 during pregnancy and have lost 50. I am 3 months Post. I have been able to loose the weight because I am extremely consistent with daily exercise and eating portions that are suitable for me. Don't get me wrong...we eat out and have the occasional fast food but its just a matter of being smart with what you pick. I even track what I eat daily. Its amazing how things add up! I know this may sound obsessive..but I truly believe that we can control our weights by just a good diet and exercise. Consistency is the key!!!! Good Luck everyone!


fifijeep - November 14

I gained 50 lbs, and went 2 wks overdue.. went from 155 to 205. DS is 8 wks, and I've lost 30 lbs. It all happened the first 3 weeks though. I'm exclusively bf'ing and just can't seem to drop any more weight. I've been walking 3x wk for 1 hr. and following the weight watchers nursing program. I think my problem is not eating enough! It seems by the time I'm up and going in the morning till lunch, it's 3pm before I eat. I think when bf'ing, our bodies hold on to extra weight, but I'm hoping it will start falling off soon!


chrissi79 - November 14

Breastfeeding is like a bitter sweet thing, you burn up calories like crazy, but you still have to eat so much extra to be able to produce enough milk...I think its even more than you are supposed to eat during the 3rd tri!


Mrs.Ireland - November 14

Has anyone tried Alli? I am thinking about trying it.


docbytch - November 14

Not sure how it happened...but I gained 14 lbs with the pregnancy and lost all of it (and then some because he was 10lbs8oz) immediately after the csection. I was fitting into prepregnancy jeans when he was 8 days old. Now I just gotta work out again to retighten the stuff that got looser during the last part of my pregnacy. Today is my 6 week checkup so if I am cleared for exercise (sure I will be) then here we go!!


TiffanyRae - November 14

Ireland ~ Alli can be a VERY effective weight loss option. But you have to be EXTREMELY strict with your diet. Any slips and you can get horrible cramps and very bad diahhrea. I would just suggest reading all the good and the bad about it. And even asking your doctor. He will give you some honest facts, sometimes the internet isn't your best option. You could also ask a certified trainer at a fitness club. We are required to be up to date on all diet pills and diet fads, mostly so we can inform our clients the good and bad of each. Just a thought! Good Luck!


javidsgirl - November 14

i gained 8 pounds total i have lost 42 pounds so i am lighter then my pre preg weight but i would like to lose another 30 - 40 pounds so i am at my odeal weight sll i do is watch what i eat and i replaced all juice and coffee with green tea and water


lissica - November 14

I gained 39lbs. My lo is 1mo old tomorrow and i have lost 22lbs so far.


DB - November 14

I gained 60 lbs...and lost it all by 5 months PP...I had a touch of pre-e, so I think that's why my weight gain was a bit excessive...the only reason I lost it all was from b___stfeeding....once I went back to work and was pumping still I didn't have much time to snack so the weight melted off (VERY thankfully)...since I've weaned I've gained about 5 back....but I was down 5lbs from pre-preg weight...bummer..I have to have more self-control!


LinLaceie - November 15

I am almost 3 months PP and have lost 26lbs. I gained well over 50lbs, so I have a bit to go, but I'm not even watching what I'm eating and losing weight. Once summer hits tho its diet and excersize time (walking with my son) but for now I'm happy :)



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