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angelinakai - December 4

Is anyone struggling with this? I am starting to. My lo is 10 weeks old today. I just feel like I don't like my husband anymore for no reason. He is so sweet and hasn't done anything wrong, I just don't like him anymore. Our s_x life is non-existent. He has a low s_x drive and works way too much so we just never do anything physical at all. we have 1 time since the baby was born :( And I am so sleepy and scatterbrained lately that I almost ran over a little kid yesterday bc I got confused by the traffic lady. I can't stop crying about that bc I feel so bad. I mean, I missed the kid by at least 6 feet, but it was still so stupid of me. And my mom calls me at 7:00 in the morning at least once a week. I keep telling her to wait unitil at least 8, but I guess she just keeps forgetting. Its really starting to p___s me off. I just needed to vent. I LOVE my little boy and i am completely enjoying being a mommy and getting to be with him all the time, so at least that's going well. Thanks for reading... sorry for being so negative.


sahmof3 - December 4

I went through this with my older two kids. With my son (my oldest) I just waited it out and it lasted until he started sleeping through the night at 11 1/2 months. But, after my daughter was born I could NOT handle two kids AND ppd and I went to my doctor and she prescribed anti-depressants. I took them and my dd started sleeping through at 8 weeks and I was able to go off them. I went on anti-depressants a month before delivering my 3rd. He slept through the night from day 1 and I never got ppd. I went off of the meds when he was 6 weeks and did well. For most people it's hormonal, but for me, I swear it was lack of sleep related. Anyway... I felt so bad, too. I would snap at people and get angry when people asked even little, basic questions because I couldn't think clearly enough to answer them. I felt confused and it was like I was thinking through a thick fog. Loading a dishwasher was a monumental task! Heating a ca__serole in the oven felt overwhelming (and I hadn't even made it... someone brought it to me). I felt like a switch had flipped in my brain that wouldn't let me think positively. For every positive thought I tried to conjure up to combat the negativity, 5 more negative thoughts seemed to take its place. I got out and walked, I went to church to be around people, etc. It helped, but only minimally. My mind kept jumping to the bigger picture of now having this child for 18 YEARS and it was terrifying. I was sure I wasn't cut out to be any kind of mother with those thoughts and feelings. Anyway, I would suggest talking to your OB. If you aren't opposed to meds, they helped me a lot. If you are, your OB should be able to recommend another option for relief. Bottom line... you don't have to live like this! You don't!! There are things that can help!! I wish I would have sought help with my oldest, but I kept thinking maybe it will get better at 3 months, 4 months, 6 months, etc. Thankfully it did, eventually, but now I look back over his first year and there's this shadow. I feel sad that I didn't enjoy his first year very much. So, I really feel for you. I hope you get back to feeling like yourself again. Good luck :-)


lin7604 - December 4

i too went through the same thing! I felt like that for months. When my son was born i didn't want anything to do with him, I didn't want anypart in it, just wanted everyone else to take care of him. I got frustrated very quickly, cried ALOT!!!! I love my hubby very much and he has been so great to me and our son but i did not want s_x at all, and i still have a very low s_x drive since having our son, who is 13 month now! I really couldn't care less if i ever had it again. My son was a terrible sleeper too, he never and still doesn't give tired signs at all till it's way over due. So trying to get him on a schedule was very hard, and he was up every 2-3 hrs up till 6 months. HIs naps were all over the place, was a 30-45 min cronic napper, so i never had time to myself to sleep, or relax! I was pretty much on my own too as my hubby is a long distance truck driver and was gone for days at a time, so that didn't help either. I would say it was when he was around 3.5-4 months was when i started to feel a bit better, i actually started to like him and really love him. SO by 6 months i would say i felt pretty good and started to enjoy him daily. Take care nd don't worry it will pa__s with time! XOXO


DDT - December 4

I went through it during the first weeks after my ds was born. It probably started getting better at about 7-8 wks pp for me. I hated my df and would pick fights with him all the time. I would get really impatient with everything and everyone! I was not very happy. My doc offered me a drug to take. I never did could be an option for you to discuss with your doc because as my doc said "PPD is a very real thing and should and can be treated...we shouldn't brush it off as nothing." Good Luck.


DDT - December 4

BTW my ds was also a chronic sleep-fighter from birth so it may have added or been the ignition for PPD (??). It seems to be a common thread amongst the 3 of us so far. Also, my ds started sleeping in 5hr intervals at about 8wks. Maybe the increase in sleep helped.


newbabyras - December 4

I was fine right up until my ds hit 10 weeks, then i went through a lot of the same issues - the littlest things would make me so irritated. mine turned out to be related to my thyrod disorder they diagnosed during pregnancy. apparenlty it's pretty common and easily treatable. now that i'm on medication for it I noticed a huge difference - and when i forget to take it to. call you doc and talk to her about it - like ddt said - it's a real thing. You might want to ask about the thyroid too...hang in gets better.


lin7604 - December 4

true about the thyroid as i have that problem too, i started meds about 2 months before i got pregnant, so never really saw or felt a difference being on meds as i didn't know if it was pregnancy related or thyrod related. I find today the only thing i see different when i forget to take my meds is being REALLY REALLY tired. Everything was preggnancy realated and def postpartum.



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