Postpartum Vitamins Question

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mandee25 - February 16

Okay so I have been taking prenatal/postpartum vitamins since before I even got pregnant. My question is how long are you supposed to keep taking them after you give birth? I am going to ask my doctor at the next appointment but I was wondering how many women are still taking them. Do they have too much iron in them for non pregnant women? I want to get pregnant again in the next couple of years so if I stop taking these how much folic acid are you supposed to take?


cae - February 16

Usually 6 months postpartum. After that I switch to a regular multivitamin. Ask your doctor about it though since you plan to get pregnant again soon. Usually its 6month before conception and 6months after giving birth.


Nita_ - February 16

i'm bf right now and still take the prenatal dd is almost 8 months now.


bradylove - February 16

If you are bfing you should keep taking them at least until you're done. I started taking them 3 1/2 years ago when I first tried to get pregnant. Took them all through that pg, then postpartum (I bf'd unsuccessfully) and kept taking them. My ds was 11 mos when I got pg with #2 so I just never stopped and still taking them now. ds was bf'd, is now 8 mos and dh and I are ttc #3. Phew...did you uunderstand any of that? lol


cae - February 16

Whoops...sorry should have been a bit more specific. Yes, bradylove is right, if you ARE breatfeeding you should continue taking them. I was speaking earlier if your were NOT breatfeeding.


piratesmermaid - February 16

Still taking them (when I remember) since I'm bf-ing...


Mingill - February 17

I was told to keep taking them as long as I'm b___stfeeding. Not sure when you can stop if you don't b___stfeed. Ask your doctor about how much folic acid, I can't remember off the top of my head if it's 100mg or 400.


Mingill - February 17

Whoops, too many zeros, that's 1 mg or 4.


lexa - February 17

I take the over the counter prenatal vitamins everyday and Im not bf. I don't see it to be a problem at all. As for folic acid, you are to take 4 mg during pregnancy. You can start taking them when you start ttc.



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