Potty Mouth

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Rabbits07 - June 23

Yesterday, dh and I are sitting on the couch and my 3-year-old is standing in front of us and says, "Dirty little ho." YIKES! DH and I just look at each other then finally get over the shock and ask where heard it (obviously a preschooler couldn't make that up) So, our 13 year old tells us. Well, guess where he got it from? The movie "The Cat In the Hat" (the real people one, w/ Dakota Fanning and Micheal Myers) !!! I had bought it quite a long time ago for the kids, but it had just kind of stayed in the video cabinet. Clint (the potty mouth) spotted it and thought the Cat was a clown and wanted to watch so I let him. It's rated PG, which I know means parental guidance, but I'm thinking some kids probably find the huge cat scary....I mean it's the Cat in the Hat...why would I assume it had vulgar language in it?!?! Then our (oldest) son starts telling us all this other stuff in the movie. Dirty little songs with s_xual inuendo and lewd insinuations...obviously a toddler isn't going to understand some of those things, but they sure can repeat them! Lesson learned, however. I will never let ds watch a movie that I have not viewed first....even if I do have to sit through an hour and a half of singing bunnies and dancing cows.


Narcissus - June 23

I have not watched the movie but I am suprised that phrase is used. It seems totally out of line for a PG kids movie. Thanks for the heads up! I won't be renting that dvd.


dee23 - June 23

hmm i remember watching that ages ago....and it didnt seem suitable for any child under 10. too late now i guess but i dont know how u are going to be able to handle previewing telly tubbies and so forth....i couldnt do it.


Ginny - June 23

I've often wondered why movie makers insist on throwing dirty things into kids movies. My 3 yr old neice called a street salesman a "crackhead" this weekend, and we still haven't figured out where she picked that up!


AprilMum - June 23

Well, they do it with the a__sumption that kids won't understand those parts, and it will keep parents entertained as well. They make plenty of adult movies, so the way I see it, I don't mind sitting through a couple of hours of a movie that actually considers its demographic. I can go watch one of my movies anytime.


Annette - June 24

Well, I remember a few years ago (like 12) I rented "Peter Pan" (yep, the Disney´s version) for my then little brother and I was kindda shocked to see that princess Tiger Lilly was pretty much tabledancing for Peter Pan in a very VERY suggestive way. Or was it just me?


Mommy - June 24

There are many movies like that. Shrek, Shrek 2, Cars, and I'm sure more I just don't remember. It's all about marketing I guess. Maybe they think a parent is more likely to take their kid to see their movie or buy it if it has adult appeal. That way the kids laugh at the obviously funny stuff and grown ups can enjoy the humor that goes over the kids' head. BTW, I seen the movie Cars about a week ago. Very very funny movie.


SonyaM - June 24

We just had a similar experience. My son became a huge fan of Buzz Lightyear after watching Toy Story. I thought that Buzz was neat and didn't think much of it when he started watching Buzz on Disney in the morning. I usually wasn't paying much attention to the show as I was usually cleaning or dealing with the baby. Well, last night my husband was watching it with him (we had recorded an episode) and he was shocked. They say shut up, bite me, etc. Not appropriate for a four year old. We had a talk with our son last night before bedtime explaining that we made a mistake in letting him watch that show and that from now on he was not allowed to watch that show. Does anyone know if Cars is like that? I have heard it's really good and we are planning on taking him this week for his birthday.


Mommy - June 24

It is like that. There are comments about a Piston Cup, and one of the cars says "he did WHAT in his cup!" and on one occasion the cars are talking about the main character not having headlights. The main character says "I don't need headlights, the track is always lit" to which the other car responds, "well so is my brother but he still needs headlights." Lot's of things like that but it is an overall great movie. Lots of stuff went over the little kids heads.


HannahBaby - June 24

i saw that movie with my 4 year old niece....alot of movies that are out now for kids do have an underlying message and humor for adults i have noticed lately....its all fine and funny until a youngster picks up on it.....even thought it was made to "go over their heads"


taral - June 25

I am constantly shocked by what is in kids movies....I started getting reviews on movies from the Focus on the Family website...under "plugged in". I find it really helpful in determining if a movie is appropriate for my kids.


nic nac - June 25

Rabbits and Ginny please forgive me for laughing but when i read through i was rofl!! How do you keep from laughing when little kids say that!! I know it is a serious issue and I haven't watched many kids movies but I will be in another couple of years, is this what I have to look forward to? oh, gosh. What happened to good ole, pinnochio and bambi.



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