Potty Training

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Angelina - July 3

I have a 14 month old daughter and she runs around and takes her diaper off.I am not sure if thats a sign that its time to start potty training her but i am thinking about doing it.Is there any techniques that anyone has used that made it easier to potty train?


P - July 3

I don't have any tips for you but I was fully potty trained by 18 months so it is possible.


Melissa - July 3

Girls almost always are easier to potty train. Taking her diaper off may or may not be a sign she is ready. Just introduce it to her and if she acts interested great, she will let you know if she is ready. The most important thing is don't push her. If she is not ready then wait a few more months and try again. I would get her a potty chair all her own and set a timer for every 30 minutes to every hour and take her to go potty. When and if she goes in the potty reward her and she will get the idea rather quickly. Good luck!


Katharine - July 4

My daughter potty trained pretty early. Around 15 months, she started showing interest in the toilet and us going to the bathroom. I followed her lead and bought her a potty. She sat on it whenever we would go and asked lots of questions about the bathroom (she was also very verbal early!). We never really set put to potty train her, it just happened. Once I noticed she was keeping dry diapers between trips to the potty, we went out and bought big girl undies. She just continued to poop and pee in her pot. At school, they would take her every hour, to avoid accidents. For a while, I put a pull-up (diaper at school) on her when she napped or slept, but again noticed that they were staying dry, so stopped after the second bag of pull-ups, because, hey, they're expensive. I'd say between 18-24 months, she was pretty much trained (sorry, don't remember exactly). It really wasn't anything we did, though, besides following her cues. We just kept it as low-stress and low-pressure as possible. The next one may not be ready until a lot later, and I guess we'll play that by ear!



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