Potty Training At 9 Months

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DDT - October 17

I just read about this and was shocked at first but after reading up some more about it it doesn't seem that crazy. It's not really potty training as such but letting them get used to sitting on the loo. I am not sure if I have the energy or time to start this early with my lo, but would love to hear from those who know more info on it and from those who have tried it. Thanks!!


Krissy25 - October 18

I have only seen bits and pieces about it, and while i agree with you that it doesn't seem as crazy as it seems it does seem like it would take a heck of a lot of energy on the parents end to make it work. I guess you would just have to decide how much enery you would want to put into it.


kim00 - October 18

With my first dd, who is now 4, I started putting her on the potty when she could sit up. She was completely trained by one year. I know some people totally disagree with this. But my thoughts are, they learn to go where you let them go. If you let them go in their diaper for 3 years, then it takes a while to undo that. I would put her on every 1.5 hours to urinate and when I could tell she was grunting and pushing to have a bm. It worked well for us, and I plan on doing it with our 2nd dd.


kim00 - October 18

In the begining, if I changed her, and she was wet, I'd still place her on the potty, just to get her comfortable with the idea. And when she did go in the potty, we'd have a mini celebration.


sahmof3 - October 18

I think it depends on your definition of "trained". Mine is that they recognize when they have to go all by themselves, they go in, pull their pants down, do their business and wipe themselves (well, for pee, at least... wiping poo takes awhile longer). I agree that parents can be trained to sit the kid on the potty at intervals during the day and they can stay dry. Is this feasible for your schedule? For me, it wasn't... especially when I had 2, then 3 kids.


jodie - October 18

I agree with you sahmof3. I think it's easy for a parent to be "trained". And if you have that kind of time awesome! My son will be 2 next month and he pee's on the potty and he tells me when he is pooping but he won't do it in the toilet..haha! He wears pull ups and tells me when he has to pee so I take him to the b room and help him. I have a 13 week old daughter and I'm sure we'll just let her potty train when she is ready also. Good luck on your potty training journey!


kim00 - October 18

I guess it's not such on off the wall idea for me, because that is what my mom did with my siblings and I. She had us trained by 18mths. And the women that are around me now, with kids, my cousins and sil are also taking this approach to toilet training. However, they start at one year trying to instill the basics and aim to have it completed at 18 mths. I started earlier because I was working f/t nights, so it was more feasible to start instilling the basics, rather than waiting until she was older, because then they easily become frustrated. And I didn't want to mix the normal toddler frustrations in with toilet training, but I was also determined to have her trained at an early age. With my dd at one year had cues and phrases she would say, I don't remember at this time what they were, but that is how she would let me know it was time. Yes, I guess everyone's definition of trained is different. Some people it works for, and others it doesn't, just like everything else dealing with parenting. You have to find what works for you, then go with it.


DDT - October 18

Thanks for the info ladies. Glad to know its been tried and tested...and worked. I am probably going to read up more on it before I make my decision. I am a SAHM right now until I go back to work in Feb (ds will be 12 months old). I think I should take advantage of this time I am at home and get a head start on potty training. I would like him to be potty trained by 18 months if all works out, but of course that depends on him as much as me.


priya79 - October 18

I help my dd in our toilet (I have bought a potty seat for her) for poops from 5 mos. I have bought one for the baby sitter and ask her to try if she can. When she grunts I take her to the potty and now she is comfortable in the toilet than the diaper. But pees, less success. I am a working mom and try to work out on them in weekends. It has been months since I changed a poopy diaper and that alone makes me feel it is worth it. My dd normally poops after her meal, so after we finish her solid feeding I put her in the potty and she goes immediately if she wants to or straightens her legs and wont sit. I know there is a long way to go , but personally I feel it is worth it as long as it works. I want her trained by 18 months. Lets c..


priya79 - October 18

She is now 7.5 months!


alida - October 18

I like kim00's statement about if you let them go potty in the diaper for 3 years it takes a while to undo it...makes perfect sense. I am definately interested in this subject but I'm not sure I'm ready to devote my days to potty training yet...I would a__sume you would really need to be devoted...couldn't do it some days and not others. I'm thinking once my dd (7.5 mo) starts walking we'll start walking to the potty??? I don't know but I'd love to see more conversation. :)


lmk - October 18

Hi, my family is from Russia, and it's pretty much the norm there to start putting the baby (as soon as they can sit) on the potty and to make a sound like "aaaaa" when you think they have to go or they're going. My mom says I was pretty much trained by the time I was 8 months, although accidents do occur. I'm going to try that with my child as well...I don't know that it's more energy to train your child early or to change diapers for 3 yrs. My gut feeling is that if you train your kid before they're toddlers, it becomes 2nd nature to them, and it doesn't become a "power struggle" later on...Btw, the reason, the "aaaa" sound is made is that kids can easily say it before they can speak - they come to a__sociate that with the activity. I've also read a lot about "elimination communication" which can start even before the baby can sit...and it seems to be practiced a lot in India and Africa. I'm not sure how practical it is unless you're around your baby all day, unless you get a nanny that buys into that...


cubbie - October 18

Hi, I didn't do it with my older dd and listened to everyone saying wait until she's ready, well I'm regretting it now, she's going to be 3 in Feb and still in diapers out of the house only at home she'll go on the toilet - and still with loads of accidents, so with my younger dd I'm going to try it, believe me even with all the energy needed it must be easier than the energy needed to battle with a stuborn toddler, who will sometimes deliberately hold in for hours before losing control and has now got so used to peeing on the floor, she's not bothered by it!!!!! Good luck and let us know how it goes!


KimS - October 18

DDT I'm interested in this too.. you've been reading the Baby Whispere again I'm guessing!! maybe it's something we can do together again, kinda like the weaning of the dream feed....I'm not totally convinced yet but would like to hear more stories of people with experience.


Bellas Mom - October 18

I haven't really read what the responses have been on here. And personally every time I say what my experience with this, people get really defensive and say that I'm wrong.... well, it HAS worked for US. I started dd at 6 months. And she was pretty vocal about her potty needs around 12 months, and has been diaper free since around 9 months. Now I have a 4-week old and have just tried out yesterday to see what would happen and he peed and pooped in the sink 4 times, and today again. It's not something I would take on full time this young, only because they poop like 20 times a day! You can look all this up (diaperfreebaby.org) you will not be abusing or pushing your child in any way, it's only natural. They are born with a need, just like to eat, they will send signals to eliminate. You just have to be keen on picking this up, and of course time and dedication. My main concern has always been not to toilet train a child that is trained to go in their diaper. So as long as my child is NOT going in her diaper, then it's a done deal :o) Btw, my daughter is now 22 months and completely trained since 14 months (well I do have to help take of her panties and help her wipe)


kim00 - October 18

Bellas Mom, I completey understand, people would think I was a nut job when I mentioned my one year old was potty trained. My co-workers had never heard of doing it so young, and were skeptical until I brought her with me to a staff mtg. I have never tried to train a toddler before, but doing this really wasn't that hard or time consuming. There's really not that much to it, just repet_tiveness and positive reinforcement.


squished - October 18

I was just reading about this the other day. In 1950 the average age that a baby was potty trained was 18 months. In 2005 the average age of potty trained was 27 months. In my opinion that increased so much b/c everyone started to take the "wait until they show they are ready" approach instead of taking the proactive approach. Again, just my opinion. I do plan on starting with my lo pretty young but nothing ridiculous. I'd love to read more about it.



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