Potty Training My 18 Months Old

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flower.momma - June 25

I have a question for mommas who have gone through potty training before. My 18 month old has been using the potty on and off for about 1 month now. She tells me when she has to go poopoo. She also usually tells me when she needs to go pee when she is wearing her big girl panties. We have hard wood floors, so accidents are no big deal. Now that it is hot, I usually just let her run around in panties in the house. My question is, how do I transition from casual potty training around the house, to getting her to use the potty at night, when we are out and about, etc.? Do I just have to ask her if she has to go potty often? She is quite young, so I know it will be a bit different than if she was in her twos. But she is exhibiting all the signs of being ready and is so proud of herself for going in the potty and wiping. Has anyone else potty trained someone so little and had success? I am 17 weeks pregnant and would like to only have to buy one pack of dipes by the time this bean is born.


nic nac - June 25

I can't help you cause my dd is only 6 months but I know that Jamie potty trained her lo at around the same age as you or maybe even earlier. She could probably help you out.


flower.momma - June 25

Thanks, every day my dd does better and better. Today she went twice on her own without me even reminding her. She just ran in their all by herself and plunked down. I can't wait. I just bought a huge bulk box of dipes, and I'm hoping it'll be the last one I buy.


Rabbits07 - June 26

I always waited until mine were successfully pottying at home before venturing out without a diaper or pull-up. Since she is showing signs of readiness and seems to be doing well you really shouldn't have many problems. Is she verbal enough to tell you when she needs to go? If not you may want to start working on a sign with her (kids pick up signs really easy). While at home whenever she goes to the potty use whatever sign you choose (common one is thumb between index & middle finger in a fist, pressed down on open other hand) but you can just make one up if you like. As you use it at home she will make the a__sociation and begin to use it, too. When you are ready to venture out in public, if you choose not to use a pull-up or diaper, put some type of protection in the carseat and always bring a couple of changes of clothes. take her to the bathroom often when out and at least give her the opportunity to use it. If she's not verbal enough to tell you she needs to go she will soon be able to let you know by signing the sign you've chosen (if you decide to do that). As far as the night time pottying, for some kids that comes a little later even after they are daytime pottying successfully as it is a matter of learning to hold urine for a much longer period of time. Cutting out drinks later in the evenings and making sure she uses the potty right before bed will help. When she starts having dry diapers through the night for a few nights straight then you could start putting panties on her at night to get out of diapers totally. I would still keep a watersafe sheet on the bed just in case of accidents. Some people will actually wake them up during the night to go potty, but I never did as I thought it was better for them to learn to hold it.


flower.momma - June 26

Thank you so much for your advice. Signing is a really good idea. She can say peepee and poopoo, but doesn't say them consistently.



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