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zaaramybaby - July 29

Hello Ladies, My lo is 8 months old and would like to know when to start potty training her.When do you think is the right time to start and i'm so nerve about the whole thing...Any advice?????


mjvdec01 - July 29

Don't stress yourself. It is really early for you to be thinking about potty training. You easily have another year before you need to tackle that one. As a whole, as long as she is trained by age three, when she starts preschool you are fine. If I were you I would be focusing more on her first birthday party, and planning that. I am afraid you are stuck buying diapers for awhile now.


fefer1 - July 29

I know some people can train really early but 8 months is pretty early. My dd is almost 2 and very curious about the potty and has sat on it a few times to go. I think you have to wait for them to be ready to do it because you can't force it. I'd LOVE to have my dd trained now since I have a newborn in diapers as well. :)


Buffi R. - July 29

Yeah, don't worry about this one until she's about two. That's a good age to start because they're still young enough and willing to try new things potty-wise, but old enough to grasp the concepts. I potty-trained my older son at a later age than normal (just under 4) because he's hearing impaired and we had to wait for his language skills to catch up before trying that, but even starting that late wasn't a problem for us. We picked a weekend where DH & I would both be home and woke our son up to a "Potty Party" with hats, balloons, and big-boy underpants. We worked on potty training all weekend, making it really fun, and with just a little reinforcing the following week at day care, he was fully trained throughout the day. Poo-poo training took another 2 months however, that was rough, but we got over that too. A few months later he was fully trained overnight too. Overnight training can't be taught - it's completely a physical development thing. Before you start training, I recommend switching to Pull-Ups with the feel-and-learn liners so the child can get used to the feeling of being wet. When you're ready to start training, ditch the Pull-Ups except for night time, and be prepared for a few accidents. We got some special toys for our son to play with in the bathroom each time he tried using the potty (they were brand new bath toys he could float in the sink) and stickers when he was successful. One sticker for pee, two for poo-poo, etc. Be patient and don't yell. That was our mistake with the two-month long poo-poo training. Once we shut up and stopped making a big deal out of the messy accidents, he stopped having them. Check out "The Potty Trainer" on-line (Goggle those words). We downloaded a training manual from that site and loved it. Costs about $30 or so, but well worth it. Enjoy this time until you have to start worrying about it though. :-)


britt_m - July 29

I don't believe its too early at all. I infant potty trained my dd at 6 months and right now at 14 months shes in pull ups/easy ups and only has an accident or few accidents a day. It has been this way since she was about 7 1/2 months. She would probably be doing better if I weren't pregnant again, I find it a little difficult to do every 30-60 minutes as I'm pooped! Look up infant potty training or elimination communication. Heres a site, timl.com/tt/


zaaramybaby - July 30

Thanks for all the support ladies.....and Britt the website is very informative....I would love to tryout training my lo....and shal have an update on how its going....wish me luck



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