Powder Vs Ready Made Formula

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Dana - April 11

My dd is now 3 months old. We are still feeding her the Enfamil Lipil ready-made formula. Now that she is up to about 36 oz/day, the ready-made is starting to get quite costly (around $40/wk). I have tossed around the idea of switching to the powder formula but am scared to. Is is possible you lose some nutrients going to powder? Is it as good for my baby as pre-made? We were advised to stay on the pre-made at first b/c when she was 1 week old, her stomach couldn't handle the powder, but now she is 3 months old....any thoughts or advise....thank you.


pbj - April 11

My doctor told me there was no difference, but maybe it had more to do with the air bubbles in the powder. I would think it would be ok...it may just take a week for her to adjust, but I've switched back an forth between the two without any problems.


Kelly K - April 11

I was also told that there is absolutely no difference between the 2 nutritional wise. The texture will be a bit different but it should take her long to adjust. Just give alternate between powder and ready made through out a day and see how she tolerates it.


Erin1979 - April 11

I found that the ready-made was too expensive, so I started buying the concentrated liquid, which is about the same as the powder. I just have to mix equal parts of formula and boiled water and the texture is more similar to the ready made. Hope that helps!


HannahBaby - April 11

i always bought the powder, the ready made was WAY too expensive. What i would do though because their is a diffenence in consistancy i would sub one bottle for 2 days, then 2 for 2 days, then 3 for 3 days and so on until she is completly off the ready made. Thats what i did when i switched my daughter to cows milk and never had a problem.


Dana - April 11

Thanks guys. This makes me feel better. I am going to do it. I am going to work in some powdered bottles gradually. Awe, what a relief, for my mind...and wallet :)


YC - April 11

Looks like you got some great answers. My ped said the same thing...there is no difference nutritionally. He said that we just need to make sure that we make it right ha!ha! My dd has been formula fed all along. We did the ready made and when we switched her to powder her very first bm was a little thicker consistency but then went right back to normal. We tried the concentrate and she seemed to spit up so much more. Maybe I was mixing it wrong but I was doing the equal parts. I now go back and forth with the readymade and powder and she has no problems. Good luck.


Zacks Mom - April 11

One thing about the Enfamil powdered formula is that it gets very foamy when you shake it. When I make the powdered, I stir it so that there will be less bubbles. I use the concentrated more often than powdered.


momma - April 11

Maybe you should alternate from one to the other when making the switch and "wean" her off the ready made that way she will have new and old and she might take it better that is waht I did when I sitched from one brand to antoher and my dd took it well


Nick - April 12

I think the only difference is the consistancy. The ready made is thicker. They gave it to my son when he was in the hospital at 2 months and he was used to the powder. The nurse said he may spit up a little more, because it is thicker and his stomach was not used to it.


YC - April 12

Isn't it funny how there is so much conflictinf information out there. Nick I was told just the opposite. My nurse said that my dd would keep the ready made down longer because it was thicker and spit up more with powder because it isn't as thick. I just thought that was funny. I bet you could ask 100 differnt medical professionals and get a hundred different answers to baby questions LOL!!!


Kendra - April 12

I use powder and I always add a couple of gas drops directly to the bottle and I swear it gets rid of all the bubbles.


Mendi - April 12

I only use the powder. I tried the ready mix when the store was out of powder and I think it was too rich for him. Granted his belly was used to the powder, which seems to me that it would be more diluted since you mix it with water. I alos noticed that the ready mix stains his clothes! Also, I'm engaged at the moment so my baby is under my income, so I was able to get WIC, even when I have an income. Once I get married we'll lose it, but just a thought if any of you are single. Formula is SO expensive. Also, have any of you tried a generic brand? We're using Enfamlin Lipil, didnt know if generic was any good.


joefromtexas - September 12

From Enfamils website... why I use Ready Made regardless of cost... Once mixed, the powdered Enfamil formulas are white in color and thinner in consistency, while the liquid formulas are slightly darker (beige or off-white) and thicker. This difference is a result of the way liquids and powder are manufactured. The cause is heat. Specifically, how it's applied to the liquids during manufacturing as part of the sterilization process. However, powdered infant formulas cannot be made commercially sterile and should not be fed to premature infants or infants with immune problems. All forms of our formulas offer the same nutrition for your baby.


mizliz - September 12

ready made is very expensive, I use powder, I buy one thing of ready feed every now and then because its easier to make cereal with it.


gekkoace - April 30

Our baby got the ready made in the hospital. We got home and used the powder the hospitals diet_tian gave us. We noticed she wouldn't eat as much, and we got worried. My wife and I tasted the two, and they are waaaaaay different. The ready made tastes pretty good. Kind of like soy-milk. The powder tasted nasty.. Not really describable. No wonder the baby didn't like it! We are going to try the methods some of you suggested above, slowly weaning our baby off the ready-made. -Aaron



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