Power Naps For A Baby

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Narcissus - December 10

My son is weird. Yeah, he gets it from me! Anyhow, some days he naps for hours, and other days, he snoozes for, I kid you not, 10 minutes and wakes up ready to party. Anyone else experience this? He usually sleeps in the morning for 1.5 hrs and in the afternoon for 2-3 hrs, or vice versa. Today, he slept a total of 50 minutes. Its already 6:00!! No signs of distress seen, but I think it's out of character for a baby...


Kelly K - December 10

I know how you feel! My little girl does the same thing throughout the day. She'll be out cold on our chest and as soon as we lay her down she's up 10-15 minutes later. She's been getting better sleeping longer at night, but the day sleeping is still the same.


Sonya - December 10

Oh man, my lttle one does weird sleeping things too. He sleeps awesome at night, usually 10+ hours but during the day, 30 minutes and he's up. Now, if I put him on his tummy after 30 minutes he goes right back to sleep. He will also go back to sleep in the swing. I really don't like doing either of those, but sometimes I gotta nap!


Heidi - December 10

Too funny...Emma is 8 wks old and some days she's out like almost the whole day. If we go shopping she'll sleep almost the entire time we're gone and might wake up to see what store we're in and then she's out again till I get her home and she's hungry. Ya'd think she wouldn't want to sleep at night but she'll still go to bed before eleven and then only wake up to nurse and back out she goes. Then there's days where she has "catnaps". She'll only sleep for 10-15 minutes while I'm holding her and as soon as you lay her down she'll wake back up ready for action. Then she'll go to bed around nine. Now today we were out visiting people so of course she slept almost all day and when I got her home she went back to sleep again and basically went to bed at eight! Too weird!


Tami - December 11

My daughter does that as well! She is only two months old, but she has pretty much quit sleeping during the day. She will take about two 20-30 minute naps, and other than that doesn't sleep. She isn't fussy or anything as long as I am holding her-I put her in her swing for awhile, and her bouncer, but she wants me! LEt me tell you how much I get done. She is so silly. My pediatrician said some babies just sleep more than others, and some just don't sleep as much. I guess we got the ones that don't sleep! More time to enjoy them I guess!


Narcissus - December 11

He must have been exhausted bc he slept from 7pm until 7:30am. Not bad:)


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 12

My son very rarely takes naps for long. Sometimes a 1-2 hour nap, but other than that, they are catnaps. He doesn't want to miss anything, so he fights sleep.



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