Pray For Us

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newbie - March 1

My 70+ grandfather had bypass surgery and they replace a valve for the 3rd time on Monday. He still hasn't come to. They haven't given him any meds since Monday and don't know why he isn't waking up. So if you don't mind, please pray for my grandfather and my family. THANK YOU!!!!


Lisastar9 - March 2

Sure will keep us updated.


LollyM - March 2

Of course =) hang in there, and yes, keep us updated.


eclipse - March 2

We will-how are you otherwise newbie? We've been worried about you...


ashtynsmom - March 2

Sending prayers your way right now!!!


newbie - March 2

We ( me and DD) have been fine,. other than my grandfather. just moving on.


bradylove - March 2

I've said a prayer for him...


rl- - March 2

I sure will I hope he is ok!!


KLC - March 2

you and your family are in my prayers :)


nini - March 2

I'am so sorry tp hear that i will definitely pray for you and the whole family.


lexa - March 3

Prayers and (((hugs))) sent your way!!! For you and your family! Keep us posted.


newbie - March 4

just thought I'd update while I was online. I went to visit him today, that CAT scan they did showed he had a stroke. He is paralyzed but simi awake. We don't know if he remembers us or not. sometimes he will open his eyes when you talk to him sometimes not. I know he knew I was there, He opened his eyes for me:) This is so hard, I know death is apart of life but it's my grandfather. and I just have the feeling that he will never leave that hospital. I love my pawpaw so much and I just want him to be okay and be able to come home so that he can watch his only great grandchild grow. Has any one known someone to suffer a ma__sive stroke and recover????


pinkbo0tlace - March 4

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, I come before you right now Lord, as not a perfect one, but one that is asking for mercy. Please have mercy for newbie's grandfather. Only you can tell, Lord Jesus what exactly is going to happen. I pray that you are with him through this time in need, and that he never feel afraid and that his soul is being comforted in your love at this time. I also pray that newbie and her family feel the love and your glory, Lord, and I pray that your tender touch is on her shoulder right now as she has to witness this, and go through all this stress. In your name I pray, Amen.



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