Prayers And Thoughts Please

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Kris10 - January 23

My friend just had her baby at 27weeks, her little girl only weighs just over 2lbs. Please send prayers and warm wishes their way. My friends name is Mindy.


Sarah-Natalees mama - January 23

I will pray for her and her baby. That is very sad. Keep us updated on how she's doing.


keeks - January 23

Sure, your friend will be in my prayers......My niece came at 28 weeks weighing 2 pounds also. She is now 2 years old and doing great. I had Jordan at 32 weeks(5 pounds). You can't tell he's early. I think your friend baby will be fine. You are such a good friend. Keep it up. She will need all the support she can get..... Take care and God bless you and your family and friends


CHristophers Dawn C - January 23

I will definatley have her in my prayers. What happened for her to labor so early. It is sad and will be hard BUT lil babies are so tuff. Im sure it will be a hard lil road but she will end up just fine


Lisastar9 - January 23

There are alot of people who can relate,thanks for sharing


C - January 24

Thoughts and prayers going out to them.


STACE - January 24

Kris10 I read this and thought of your friend I hope with all my heart that her daughter is okay. My prayers are with her and her family. Keep us posted. I know it hasn't been easy I know there are times when it's tough I know that things aren't always fair... But that doesn't mean it should be this rough. The journey should be a lot smoother And life should play by the rules, Time pa__ses too quickly in everything Except when it heals our wounds. With all my heart I wish I had more answers I want to let you know how much I care, I wish the path ahead were clearer to see I want to walk beside you all the way there. I want you to have a guardian angel; someone to watch over you I want you to listen closely to your heart, For it will always speak the truth. I want you to have faith in tomorrow It will guide your steps today And I know that things haven't been easy ....but I know things will be okay.


Barb - January 24

I will keep her in my prayers as well...both her and mommy.


newmom - January 24

God i'm so sorry to hear this, i will definitly pray for her..


Kris10 - January 24

Thanks to all for the prayers, the warm wishes and the kind words. I feel like I have been consumed by grief for my friend. I just keep putting myself in her situation, and can't image how I would even handle it. I am so fortunate to have two beautiful, healthy children. If anything, it has allowed me to slow down, to count my own blessings, and to spend that extra minute just loving my kids. My friend's baby is as healthy as a 2pound child can be, they say everything is working that should be at this point. They expect her to be in the hosp. for about three months. My friend was just looking forward to motherhood so much, it just doesn't seem fair that some people are out there are having babies and could careless for them. Anyway, again thanks for everything... thanks for listening to my rant . :) We should all just hug our kids a little extra today!



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