Pre Eclampisa

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amb - March 6

h__lo ladies i had pre eclampisa and had my dd 6 weeks early. my blood pressure has been unstable ever since. its only been 2 weeks. but i was wondering how many of you had pre eclampisa and how long did it take for your BP to return to normal?? thanks


Whitney - March 6

I had pre eclampsia & was put on bedrest at 7 1/2 preggers, & had my son 3 weeks early. My blood pressure was pretty high right up until the birth, but within a week of having him it went totally back to normal. Are you taking care of yourself? Trying to get rest (I know it's hard) & eating properly? I was advised by my doctor while my blood pressure was high to completly stay away from salt & high sodium foods, coffee, tea's, deep fried foods, & try to avoid negative people or situations that might upset you because that can make your blood pressure rise quote quickly. Check with your doctor, but I was advised by mine that sometimes it does take a few weeks after birth. Good luck!


C - March 6

I had high BP but luckily my blood work came back fine. They did induce me 4 days past my due date and it went up again during labor. I think it did stay up for a week or two after but by my 6 week check up it was back to normal. It also took a week or so for the swelling in my ankels to go down. How's your baby? The first time my BP spiked it was at about 6 weeks early and I was so afraid when they said they were probably going to have to induce me that night.


Jbear - March 6

I was on blood pressure meds for a month postpartum. It was normal after that.


amb - March 7

thanks so much ladies :-) i feel better knowing im not alone. they are decreasing my bp meds so now i take 200mg twice a day. my bp is getting better. the docs never told me to stay away from anything but i have been watching it. unfortunately the meds im on have the side effect of headaches BUT yet the docs tellme if i have a headache that i need to go to the hospital in case of a seizure... im so confused. but atleast my bp is settling down. thanks again yall eased my mind,


Jamie - March 8

I was hospitalized on a magnesium sulfate drip for a week following an emergency c-section at 37 weeks. After I was released from the hospital, I was told to go to the ER if I at any time felt light-headed or "woozy" or felt as though my blood pressure was high. Fortunately, that hasn't happened, and it's been 7 months.



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