Prediction Of Childrens Height Q

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luviduvi - March 7

Isn't there a way to predict what your childs height is when they quit growing? Is it when they are 27 mths you double their current inches or something? Does anyone know if this is true? Hope not, my dd is 25 mths and 35 inches tall.....YIKES


ashtynsmom - March 7

I have never heard of that.... let me know if you find out.. that sounds interesting. My family is all tall, and Dh is the tallest in his family at 5'8"!! It will be interesting to see about dd....


Mellissa - March 7

Wow... I don't know... Rylee wasn't even 30 inches tall at 27 months!! She's 3 1/2 now and is 36 inches. Of course, I'm only 5'1... so she takes after me in the height department.


rl- - March 7

well my dh is 6' 5" so I think our ds is gonna be a tall one LOL ....I am only 5' 4" but there is alot of tallness on my side too I just did not get any of it ( :


Hana - March 7

In my son's red health book it tells you how to predict their height through this weird equation using both you and the father's height but it requires a chart that comes with it. I'll try to get my head around it and if i do i'll let you know.


sahmof3 - March 7

Yikes... I wonder what Justin will be at 27 months. He was 34 1/2" at 18 months LOL. My dh is 6'2", though, so maybe hel'll take after daddy. My siblings and I are: me 5'4", my sister 5'7", my brother 5'10" and my other brother is 6'2"... go figure!


kristie h - March 7

I have herd that when they are two you double their hight and thats how tall they will be as an adult. DS is 2 and he is 90cm so he will be 180cm when he gets older, that works in with my dad and DH height so i say its near right.


luviduvi - March 7

Great! That means dd will be almost 6 ft tall---dh will be happy but will dd? I have a friend who is 5 10 and HATES it. She can't date a lot of the guys she likes and she can't wear as many cute shoes yada yada...........


Lchan - March 7

I read about an equation once. I don't quite remember so I could be wrong but I belive it was something like this: Take the midpoint between the mother's height and the father's height. For boys, add 3 inches. For girls, subtract 3 inches. For example is dad is 6'0" and mom is 5'6" the midpoint is 5'9". Add 3' for son = 6'0. Subtract 3" from the midpoint for girls so daughter is 5'6". However this formula takes no consideration for health, nutrition, and the age at the onset of puberty (later puberty starts the taller a person will become.)


kristie h - March 7

That equation one is weird, my dad is 5'8 and my mum is around 5'5 i am 5'4. Dh is taller then his mum and dad and so is his sitster.


Shannah - March 7

i heard the same thing, they say double the inches at 24 months.


Lisastar9 - March 7

YUP double the inches at age two ,and give or take an inch either way to get their estimated height.


flower.momma - March 7

Nope. They predicted my hubby would be 7 ft. tall based on his height at 24 months and he is only 6' 4" . My dd is now 27 months and is almost 37 inches, so yeah. I'm 5' 1" and there's no way she'll be over 6 ft. None of those equations are accurate.



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