Preference Swing Or Bouncer

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anamariaflorencia - June 10

Hi ladies, I'm just trying to finalize my registry. I have a small house and cannot have both a swing and a bouncer. In your experience which does your child like better? Thanks for your advice!


Krissy25 - June 10

That's a hard decision b/c she really liked both. For us my dd used her swing for about 4 months and then it fell out of favor. That is when we got her a jumperoo and she loved it and is still using it at 10 months. So we have gotten more use out of it. Maybe you could register for one of those travel swings that are smaller or just a bouncy seat that vibrates, my dd liked that too. Or you could register for a regular size swing and also the kind of jumper that goes in the door way.


britt_m - June 10

We used the bouncer just when she was little for the vibration, so maybe up to 3 months. The swing was also used when she came home from the hospital until the motor gave out (got it from a friend who used it for two children,) it was about 7-8 months. Obviously it was less as she got older, I'd also recommend the bigger swings not the travel ones as we had a travel one it won't hold as much weight. We had troubles gaining weight I mean she still only weighed 12lbs at 6 months. So in case you have a bigger baby. We're having number 2 in Oct and will definately be getting another swing.


tish212 - June 10

my dd hates her bouncer she always has...but she loves her swing, she doesn't swing in it any more now she lies under it and kicks and pushes it with her hands, so it got dual the bouncer she always tried to get out of....but every baby is friends dd hates her swing but will spend a long time in the bouncer no thats a hard call


Krissy25 - June 10

I just realized you are probably asking about a swing or a bouncy seat not a jumperoo. Ok. I'm an idiot and now i probably just gave you something else to think about. Well for us between the swing and bouncer we got more use out of the bouncer b/c i could carry it from room to room more easly and the vibrations soothed her, but she enjoyed the swing too. Too bad you can't know what your baby will prefer more when regerstering.


anamariaflorencia - June 10

Thanks for your answers! I have the rainforest do you think that would/could take the place of a bouncy chair? Interesting thought on the travel swing. It didn't even cross my mind that it holds less weight. That's the one I registered for because it's smaller (I really don't have room for a full size one). Maybe I can put both on my registry and return the one that she likes least. Do they accept returns that late and after it's been put together and used? Again, I really appreciate your advice.


diem - June 10

There is a great infant to toddler rocker that has a toy bar just like that of the bouncy seat. Also it rocks so that could take place of the swing. It actually can be used for infants AND toddlers. We have this and DS loves it. It could save you space. you can google it under Fisher Price toddler rocker. Oh yeah, and it also vibrates!!!


Kiersten - June 10

BRITT_M, my ds just got weighed today (he's 6 months) and is 12.4. Long and lean, problem though is he was 13.5 last month. :-( Do you bf your daughter? What'd you do to help with the weight? Did you take any herbal supplements or anything? Sorry to jump on here and ask my own questions ANAMARIAFLORENCIA! In answer to YOUR question, my son really only liked the swing for maybe three months. After that it started going too slow for him and he grew bored with it. lol We still use the bouncy. He actually likes it more now because he can really get moving in it and loves that he's in control of how fast he goes. Good luck with your baby! Do you know what you're having?


Malica - June 10

I never got a swing, but if we had another who also had colic I wouldn't hesitate. We certainly got a workout rocking her while pacing back and forth for hours. We did have a bouncy chair with a little toy bar that was ok up to when they can sit up on their own (so we put it away at 5 months). We also have a bouncing activity centre. We have a very small house and I would have preferred not to lose half of the living room to this monstrosity, but she does love it and it's great especially now she can crawl and I can't turn my back for more than a second. A swing is mostly for newborns and a bouncer not until they can support their own head very well, so you wouldn't necessarily need them both out at the same time. If you have any storage space (and people are willing to buy you both), you could make it work.


anamariaflorencia - June 11

Thanks everyone. I found a combination rocker and swing, not a bouncy, but hopefully the rocker will work just as well. I put it on my registry, but my shower is this saturday, so I don't know if it's too late for someone to buy it for me. You have all been very helpful.



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