Preggos W Questions About Tuna

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pbj - June 8

I just found this, it's a new study that suggests pregnant women should not eat tuna at all. Thought you ladies may like to read it. I ate small amounts while pregnant, but now it's suggested you shouldn't. Here's the link, remember to remove the dashes:,0, ?


HANNAHs Mom - June 8

I could not open that link but when I was pregnant with my first daughter I was told no sword, tuna, or any other fish high in mercury. My second pregnancy my doctor told me not to eat any tunafish either...if I HAD to eat it she told me to eat the chuck-light variety. It is believed there is a link between mercury and autism and other neuro learning disabilities. I am currently reading "Evidence of Harm" about the whole mercury-vaccine issues....interesting but scary reading. I highly recommend it.


alarsen - June 8

When I was pregnant I was told no to exceed more than 2 cans a week. My OB said that tuna was OK in moderation. Hope this helps if your craving


jas - June 9

I ate it all the time with my 11 yr old and he is as sharp as a tack. Anything in excess isn't good for you, but I don't put much faith in those studies... Eggs are good, eggs are bad, eggs are good.... Tuna is ok, tuna isnt ok... Come on. You can scare yourself to death reading those darn things and if you think about it, NOTHING is safe to eat or drink... hmmm - but then that's not safe either.


ssmith - June 9

I agree with jas! You can get yourself all worked up into a I did quite often during my pregnancy! Don't eat feta cheese...don't eat lunch/deli meat, don't eat tuna, no bean sprouts, don't eat red meat that is not cooked well-done....As my mother used to tell me...."what do you think people used to do years ago when there were no books or Dr's telling them all of this?" Sometimes a bit of ignorance is bliss!! Certainly you want to watch what you eat...but not scrutinize it to death!! Being pregnant can be stressful enough with out any of this extra worry! P.S light tuna is lower in mercury than white......bon appet_te!


HannahBaby - June 9

Doc told me same thing, one can of chunk light tuna a week


Kim L - June 9

PBJ so funny you mentioned this study, I just hear about it yesterday! As PBJ said - this is actually a new study that's only recently been done on tuna. I also live by the "everything in moderation" philosophy, but as new information surfaces, it never hurts to read and consider.


HANNAHs Mom - June 9

I believe our doctors are just doing their job by warning all of us about any potential hazards that might harm our pregnancies. ie...lunchmeats, cooking beef, changing litter boxes, hot baths/jacuzzis etc.......but I'll tell doctor was adamant about the whole mercury-fish thing. She is a professor at Harvard and involved in special studies and she told me outright to avoid it...(she was also adamant about the litter box too)...but this like so many things is a to each his own thing. I am a big fan of sushi, sword and tuna and have not indulged in years due to being pregnant and b___stfeeding....Having a healthy pregnancy and baby is well worth the sacrifice.


Rabbits07 - June 9

Hannahs Mom, who is the author of that book you mentioned in your first reply? I am interested in that as I have three children in my family with autism. I was discussing this fact with my doc the other day...he does not believe there is a link between vaccs and autism because he states they took mercury out of vaccines and autism continues to rise. I don't necessarily share his views, but he does respect mine, so I don't mind discussing with him. It is scary...about 2 or 3 years ago I did an informative presentation for one of my college courses and at that time the instance of autism was like 1 in is now at 1 in 160! Very frightening is an epidemic that needs to be addressed!


HANNAHs Mom - June 10

The author is David Kirby. He also has a website which allows you to view the intro to his book plus it has loads of other interesting info on autism. It's an awesome and informative read...a book that will make you cry, angry and rejoice...and it will definitely have an impact on you since autism affects your family's life.



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