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Angiconda - January 13

Hi I have been following you lo and I just wanted to see how everything is going and ask if you have gotten any answers yet. We are all thinking of you and you lo.


Debi - January 14

ditto from me, hope your dd is getting better.


preggosauce - January 14

Wow, thank you ladies for your concern... Well, We are STILL in the hospital. Three nights ago a Dr. came and said that Adisyn has whats called Pneumocystis (new-mo-sis-tis) which is a very rare lung infection...USUALLY found in babies with HIV. They asked if they could test her for HIV...and I said of course...I mean I didn't have HIV...well then my brain started thinking...My husband IS a medic in the ARMY...and has been aroune A LOT of blood..I mean he helped the people of Afghanistan...and who knows what they were carrying...SO, I was FREAKING, of course thinking that my whole family had HIV. Well, the test was negative THANK GOD...then today the dr. comes and tells me that he doesn't think its that Pneumocystis...he thinks she is aspirating her food into her lungs (based on a test of fluid from the lungs). So, NOW....we are back to more testing. They still haven't totally ruled out the Pneumocystis, we are still waiting on the confirmation tests for it being positive. I'll keep you all posted. Thank you so much for your prayers. Oh, and as soon as she gets of oxygen they are going to send us home...she is very close to being at that point. Thanks again ladies I'll write as soon as I find anything out!


Debi - January 14

Mostly good news, they still may not know exactly what she has but it sounds like she is getting better :) hope you get to go home soon, I'm sure you need the rest too. Good luck and still thinking of Adisyn and your family.


Angiconda - January 14

Sorry you still don't have any answers but it is good that you guys get to go home soon. Please keep us updated as we are all wondering what her diganosis is. I feel for you my lo is having surgery on the 23rd and I am super stressed and worries about it but everything always works out in the end. We are thinking about you!


ash2 - January 14

Im so glad you guys are getting somewhere !!



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