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katy - January 12

i have a 5 mo old and we we're planning for a 2nd soon. i know this is soon, but we're old so, we have to get the family going. anyway, i took the first response yesterday and i saw one pink line and one very faint pink line . took another one and same thing, but faint line was darker this morning than yesterday. we're going to take a boold test, but has anyone had this experiene w/first response? being a curious human, i'm tempted to buy another at home preg test b/c i want an answer fast!!! lol


don't waste - January 12

your money. That's two positives already.


HEATHER - January 12

try the digital ones.


katy - January 12

i had the digital one last time and it was clearly preganant. i only tried this one b/c it said you can take as soon as 5 days before next period, which would be on the 14th. to don't waste, i know i thought the same thing about not wanting to waste my money. anybody else had this exp w/this test?


KrYstaL - January 12

yepp. usually any colored line in the positive part is a conclusive positive. mine were really faint with both of my boys.


Toya - January 12

Whether faint or bold, if there are two are pregnant. When I was pregnant with my daughter I had taken a test 3 days before I missed my period and there was a very faint line. I took another one the day that I missed my period and it was very dark.


Jadyns Mommy - January 12

Same here. We had been trying so long that when I finally saw a faint line, I thought my eyes were playing tricks so I took a 2nd, then a 3rd and a 4th within one week. All were very faint pink lines.


Shannon - January 12

yup, i had the same thing when i took that test and i was def pregnant


Jamie - January 12



Kristina - January 12

my first hpt was very faint...I kept telling Jeremy "no..I don't think I am pregnant! Look how faint it is! That doesn't count!" And he told me to take another test in a few I took it about a week later and it was much darker.


Kristina - January 12

ps-congrats! =)


katy - January 12

thanks to all. i called my dr. to get a blood test since i'm such a non believer and the urine test he had turned out negative. he said since it is still too soon to tell yet, some of the home otc tests may have different readings so a blood test at this point is the best. he said sometimes with a urine test it can take 3-4 weeks to really tell, sometimes not. anyway, i get the test results tomorrow! wish us luck!!! if not-we're still going to try!!! lol


momma - January 12

it sounds like congradulations may be in order!! thats great news Keep us posted :):)


newmom - January 12

Katy,, congratulations, i think it's 2 positive lines..


katy - January 13



billie - January 13



Rachael mommy2lucas - January 13




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