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Brandi - January 25

Well, I just found out last night that I'm pregnant again. I have been on the pill for a little while, but I forgot it a couple of times. I didn't actually think I was ovulating as I haven't really had a period since my son was born and I've been nursing, but guess I was. Well now I'm scared to death. Any advice on how to cope with kids this close together would be so nice. Thanks guys!


vonzo - January 25

How old is your son Brandi? Congrats on being pregnant again btw. I'm afraid i don't really have any advice as i only have the one but my mum had 5 and she coped just fine so i'm sure you'll be great!


olivia - January 25

One day at a time! I have days I barely make it through. My dd is 17 months and ds is 5 weeks. It can be tough, but this too shall pa__s and soon enough they will be off playing together and not even wanting me... that is how I get through it. Or else I just have a good cry and jump back in the game.....


Brandi - January 25

My son is 9 mos. and we have a 7 year old daughter. I'm excited but not really ready. I hope it's a boy so they can at least share a room hehe.


soon2bemomof3 - January 25

that's not too terrible. my dd was 18 months when i got pg. with my ds and i was shocked and didn't know what i would do but we're actually doing ok, i also have an older dd who is 9 yo. it is hard at times but you cope and it works. i always think about when they're old enough to play together how cute it'll be.


sahmof3 - January 25

My youngest two are 17 months apart (and my oldest is almost exactly 5 years older than my youngest... he had his 5th b-day six days before my youngest son was born). It was somewhat difficult to manage in the first month or so, then it got a bit easier. Now my daughter is 3 and my son is 18 months and since they are old enough to play by themselves for awhile during the day it has gotten much easier.


sahmof3 - January 25

... and congrats... sorry, hit submit b4 I wanted to.


EMBERBABY - January 25

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Wohoooo! Sorry no advice =0(


krnj - January 25

Hi Brandi! Congrats!! We're in the same boat! My son is 10 & 1/2 months & I'm due the end of July! My friend has a son & daughter almost exactly a year apart!


Alison - January 25

Congratulations Brandi - a bit of a shock I'm sure but I've heard of women having babies even closer than that. Your son will be over a year when the next baby is born, I'll be honest it's closer together than I would want, but it will be nice as the youngest two will be close in age and great pals I'm sure :-) It must be scary but you'll be ok, sorry I don't have any advice as have one child myself, but I think you'll do great! I hope you don't mind but can I ask you a quick question? You said you were on the pill and forgot a couple of times? I'm also on the pill, I sometimes wonder what would happen if somehow (though I know it's rare) I became pregnant on it - how would I know, I mean the pill gives you a "period" each month which isn't a "real" period doesn't it,, so if you get pregnant on the pill do you not bleed at all? Sorry hope you don't mind me asking it's just something that crosses my mind a few times. Again, congratulations and I wish every blessing on your growing family! xxx


Brandi - January 26

Well, the thing is, I started on the pill a couple of months ago, but I didn't have a period ever, not even at the end. So I don't know what the deal with that is, I'm pretty sure that is not typical though.


^lucy^ - January 26

oh my God what a surprise!!! congrats darling i would really love to have a baby now but we can't before 3 years.. im on the pill as well and u scared me now!! ur kids would be so close in age and that's cool :)


bbelmore - January 26

Brandi, good luck. Congratulations and I hope your pregnancy goes well. I have been on the minipill since 6 weeks PP and James is 10 months. I once took it 5 hours late ( theres only a three hour window) and last week there were complications with my bank account and I was unable to buy my pills on the night I needed a new pack, so I took a pill about 14 hours late. I too have not had a period AT ALL since giving birth, and I wonder how you know if you are ovulating??? I have never had EWCM, so that method is out...


Brandi - January 26

Yeah, that's the tricky thing. It really sucks not having any kind of period because I have no idea how far along I am. I'm a__suming only 3 or 4 wks since I just started having morning sickness recently.



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