Pregnant Again C Section

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Anne - January 29

How long should I wait before I get pregnant again? I gave birth via c section Nov. 14th, 2005. I would like to start trying again Sept/Oct of this too soon?


Lisastar9 - January 29

I would say no go for it. My friends has kisa 19 monhs apart c section both times. and two more kids after that all c sections


shaylanrae - January 29

check out the c section forum.. they are mostly nice women who can help you out. i had a c too, but i dont know how long its recommended that you wait


mummy - January 29

well before i can answer, i have so many questions for you like how old are you, are you married, and are you financially stable?


Anne - January 29

To mummy...I'm 28, married (only once) and filthy that helpful? :) O yea...I'm in perfect shape!


Anne - January 29

Shaylanrae, I will check out that forum as well...thanks ladies!


Jbear - January 29

Anne...the one who can give you the best answer is your doctor. Usually they say to space your pregnancies at least a year apart, to give your body time to recover.


Anne - January 29

That's what my doctor suggested. I was wondering if anyone had a c section and then became pregnant again within the year. Would they recommend it or would they recommend waiting longer...what were some of the experiences out there? My dh and I were just talking about adding to the family again and trying to figure out when would be a good time again! :)


LilMum - January 30

I think it just depends on whether or not you want a c-sec again next time. If you are planning on trying for a VBAC I would wait longer, they told me two years is best to aviod rupturing, but my mom got pregnant with my sister when I was only 6 months and had a pretty good pregnancy, she had to have another c-sec though.


EM - January 30

I'm preggo again after my c and my kids will be 15 months apart. If you are planning another c, no big deal but some hospitals will not allow you to try a VBAC if they think it is too soon. My hospital will let you try it as long as it has been over 12 months (which it will be) but read all you can about VBAC before deciding. There's a pretty good thread going on the c section page right now on this subject. Good luck and remember its YOUR decision.


Anne - January 30

Thanks everyone! :)



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