Pregnant Before 6 Week Check Up

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Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - October 4

I got pregnant twice in a row using condoms...I'm scared a repeat my happen. Has anyone got pregnant so quick after...I really don't want to be but don't know when I will ovulate or if I have already. What would happen if I was pregnant again so quick? We were safe (but we thought we were before too) but I'm just afraid of a repeat.


Krissy25 - October 4

That is odd that you had such a high failure rate. I would say since it happened twice you should probably think about a different method, talk to your doctor and see which would be best for you. It wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if it happened right away, but i've read that the body does need time to heal and get back to normal, and i'm sure for your own sanity you wouldn't want it to happen so soon.


kimberly - October 4

If you used the condom correctly then you should be safe. Correct use means don't let him come anywhere near you without one on!! I am sure you are fine, Nerdy. You could use spermicide and the condom for more rea__surance until you are on a better form of birth control. That should take care of any risk you would have to become pregnant. My dh and I religously used condoms until I wanted to fall pregnant for the last 10 years and I only got pregnant when I wanted too.


excited2bemama - October 4

People do get pregnant right away all the tie even though it is recommend that you wait anywhere from 9 months to 2 years between births. A friend of mine got pregnant 40 days after giving birth. It does happen and the babies are always fine.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - October 4

Its just because (so I think) DH isn't circ_msized and the condom may slip off and when he does ejeculate some comes out, when he pulls out...the condom isn't all theway on unless he holds it. I plan on getting some sort of BC at my appointment next Tuesday


Chic Atty - October 4

user error?


eclectic66 - October 5

Hmm, that does sound like user error bc my hubby is uncirc_msized and the only form of bc we ever used was condoms the past 7 years and I only got pregnant when we decided we wanted to. Perhaps he needs a different size?


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - October 9

I don't know lol, he is just weird...but I'm not pregnant, got on BC yesterday



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