Preventing Thumbsucking

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Bellas Mom - January 19

Anyone out there with some tricks or advice on how to stop 4 month old from sucking his JUICY thumb?? lol He just picked up this habit about 2 weeks ago, but is not fully thumbsucking because I keep taking his hand away. I tried to put socks on him, but it gets VERY wet and it frustrates him.... THe only way I found success is to keep him busy 24/7. But it's hard to do so with a 2 y/o around too :-)


britt_m - January 20

I'd like to know too, my dd is almost 8 months and still sucks her thumb. She will not take a binkie, which I would rather break her from that, than her thumb.


olivia - January 20

I have a thumbsucker and he is super cute :) It isn't the end of the world, they will give it up someday!


DDT - January 20

I also would like to know...hehe. I have a thumbsucker (11 months old) and he started sucking at 3 months. He was a soother boy before that but completely rejected them for his thumb. From 9 months on he only started sucking his thumb when he was tired. Surprisingly I have read alot of info which states that thumbsucking is better than soother sucking.


sahmof3 - January 20

I agree w/ Olivia... he'll give it up someday. Until then just be glad he's found a way to self-soothe. That's a good thing :-)


madison - January 20

i agree with sahmof3- it's a great way to self-soothe and he will stop one day. i don''t think there's any way to stop him, either. 4 months is really young. my dd takes a paci and i dread the day we have to take it away- it's a life saver for her naps!


MNMOM - January 20

why fight it? It will just frustrate him. Thumbsucking is self soothing, completely harmless and natural. It gives baby a sense of control of their environment. Let him give it up when he chooses to.


britt_m - January 21

I never had a problem with the thumb sucking, until now, I mean she did suck her thumb but I didn't mind til now. I thought it was cute, I mean it definately beats loosing a binkie haha. But shes developing red blotches on the top of her thumb knuckles, they're a big red sore on each one. She plays with the binkie by biting and shaking and then just throws it, we've already tried and always have one on hand but it does no good. I'll be talking to the doc about it at the next visit, but I don't agree with some things they say, so I guess we'll just keep trying to redirect.


mjvdec01 - January 21

Ladies, go to, onestepahead dot com and do a search. I know they have a product for this problem specifically. I don't know how practical it is but it may be worth looking at.


ginger6363 - January 21

Most give up thumbsucking sometime...but occasionally you get the stragglers---my nephew is five and still sucks his thumb. :(


yogi - January 21

what i did was that everytime she put her thumb in her mouth i would say nono and take it out and put a paci in at first se didnt get the nono but after a whike as soon i said nono she would stop and wait for the paci. she is 7 month . good luck


olivia - January 21

From what I have read the more you mention it and try to prevent it the longer they suck. I do have to say my son sucks his much less (age 1) since he is walking and has more to do. But he has been a great sleeper since early on and is on track or ahead developmentally. Most kids give up by age 3 and there are studies out there that most stragglers were kids of parents who kept mentioning it or pushing the child to quit. My ultrasounds of both kids had them thumbsucking, my daughter never did it and my son does. Neither has had a binkie. But the funny thing is it sounds like some of us have an aversion to thumbsucking, while I have always hated binkies! I am a big advocate of going with what the child is needing and naturally inclined to do (thumb or binkie). As for the blisters, they can come and go but usually clear up and don't come back. I think it gets broken in or something. Better his thumb than my nipples is what I used to think about it :)


wailing - January 22

At 4 months I def wouldn't try to stop it. It's a godsend. And it's not doing anything harmful to them. They are too young at that age to understand NO and stopping something that gives them comort. As they get older I would understand but at this age it's great b/c they can self soothe and u never have to depend on an object to help them fall asleep. I checked w/ 3 different pediatric doctors about when it should be a problem and all said not to worry about it until they are older then 1 yrs old. It doesn't misalign the jaw or teeth until they are MUCH older.


wantanotheraftertr - January 22

Thumb sucking isn't that bad. It help them soothe themself and most do gie it up someday. For those that don't they have a thing called a palletal crib that the put in the roof of the childs mouth it is a nonremovable appliance to help them give it up. My 16 year old DD needed this at age 8. It was only in for 9 months and it worked. Most dental plans you can elect some orthodontic coverage just make sure you have it. My DS is 6 weeks tomorrow and I would let him suck his thumb if he wanted to! Goodluck with whatever you decide!


zay28 - January 22

my son wanted to be a thumb sucker, and he was doing that form the womb. I put him socks in his hands when he was 3 - 4 months,I was giving him a pacifier instead. i agree they look cute when they are babies, but when they are toddlers you are at risk of getting all kind of infections. They touch everything and then put all those germs in their mouth. Imagine going to a supermarket, play ground etc. Sucking thumb is not hygienic, some cases can deform upper palate and distorting their teeth, some cases expensive orthodoxy work have to be done for that cute habit. If you don’t mind all of that then: why fight it?. You can decide when to stop the pacifier but the dumb sucking no. I know cases of adults with that baby cute habit. Remember this is a It is a very difficult habit to break once you let go to far..


Bellas Mom - January 22

Ladies, thank you so much. I have to agree, it is the cutest! And I understand that he's too young and that is a godsend (especially when I'm driving through traffic)... BUT here's the deal, he comes from a thumbsucking background, his daddy (among others) sucked his thumb til almost 7 y/o.... That's what I'm trying to avoid. I feel bad always redirecting his juicy thumb from him but I don't want him to become dependent on it and continue it through his childhood.... I guess I will also ask the ped to see what he has to say about it. I really don't want to sound cruel, but I know it can be hard later on. Thank you for your replies.


wailing - January 26

Bellasmom--When I noticed that my son was sucking his thumb at inopportune times like when he was playing or trying to eat, I would just remove it from his mouth and continue what we were doing. Now at 7 months, he only sucks his thumb for a little bit while he tries to fall asleep or when he accidently wakes himself. But, as soon as he falls back asleep it's out. I would def redirect if he is doing it all day and it's disrupting his play time or exploration. Now my ds only uses his thumb to fall asleep and never does it while he's awake and playing. Good Luck:)



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