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MRS.R - January 5

Did any of you use proactive while pregnant? My face is horrible and i have been using it.. I sure hope it is safe.. My face has never looked like this. Please any input. I was using cetaphil and wasen't helping me at all..


newmom - January 5

I spend a fortune on proactive and it didn't work i hate this product. If u really wanna get some thing useful that will only be Murad acne solutions products. i just used it for few days and my face was clear as merrior..But who knows may be proactive solution will work on u..


katie - January 5

LOVE Proactiv. Everyone I know who has tried it has loved it. I used the mild formula with no benzoyl peroxide - it had salicylic acid instead. I used it while pregnant - guess just ask your doctor.


Jbear - January 5

I used clean and clear oil free cleansing cream while I was and it worked great


Shannon - January 5

i read online( that any benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid product (i'm pretty sure the active ingredient in proactiv is benzoyl peroxide)is ok to use while nursing so i'd a__sume it's ok to use while pregnant. i used oxyclean facewash and clearasil cream, in the morning and before bed the entire time i was pregnant but now since it's winter i only use the cream at night cuz it can dry out your skin. salicylic acid products are a complete waste of money for me. i've had horrible ance since i was 13, when i was in 10th grade i went to a dermatologist for help and it cleared up so fast. now that i'm older and it's getting better with age, i don't get the perscriptions anymore. i've heard really good things about proactiv but i really don't want to spend the cash on it.


Toya - January 5

My husband uses proactiv and I tried some...can't stay away from the stuff...the microbeads in the facial cleanser are a little rough, so I may try the mild one that Katie is using. But it really keeps the complexion flawless.


MRS.R - January 5

Thanks girls for all your input!!! It seems to be helping a little.. But, we shall see. Where do you get the Murad stuff?


Julie - January 5

Proactive never worked for me either it made my skin worse. There are mixed reviews on whether it is safe during pregnancy so check with your doctor. I believe you can use salicylic acid face washes as well as benzoyl peroxide washes while pregnant but I wouldn't use the topicals because you don't wash them off and they can get into your bloodstream. I had really bad skin my first trimester and used St. Ives Scrub for Acne and it worked wonders I had great skin the rest of my pregnancy and it is still working.



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