Probable Small VSD

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Suzanne - June 15

OK, so I go to the Dr today to get my son's first shots (he is 7 weeks and I am a first time mom). The doctor says he looks great, he weighs 13 lbs 6 oz, 24 inches long, all good stuff. Then I tell him my father is a Dr and asked that I make sure there is no mercury in the immunizations due to autism risk and he tells me the shots are good. Then he tells me to tell my father that my son has a "probable small VSD" which is a small murmur hole in his heart. WOAH - of course I FREAK. He tells me "oh don't worry - very common - if it isn't gone by the time he is two we will send him to a cardiologist" Good God - My dad is on vacation so I can't ask him. Anyone know anything about this? Why didn't they tell me sooner? I am wigging.


Rabbits07 - June 15

Here is a good link I found. *remove any dashes that appear except the one between heart and encyclopedia* I don't know alot about vsd, but two of my children had murmurs. Both had cardiology workups and my son ended up having mitral valve prolapse, but my daughter's was found to be of no known physical abnormality. IMO, the dr. shouldn't have mentioned a particular possible diagnosis (a murmur doesn't necessarily mean a hole) and just sent him to a pediatric cardiologist for a work up. I would request to see a pediatric cardiologist if I were you just for the peace of mind anyway....I wouldn't wait until he was 2. My son sees his cardi yearly and MVP is not that bad, it just makes good sense to keep an eye on anything not totally normal. My daughter outgrew her murmur, so that's a possibility, too. Hope everything turns out good. Keep us posted.


Maggie - June 15

I just went through this with my 4 month old dd. I took her to a pediatric cardiologist where the did an EKG and an ECG and she is absolutely fine. My pediatrician also told me there was no reason to worry and that 98% of the time it is nothing. To ease my own mind I made him write the referral for the cardiologist. I really wouldn't worry because your son is thriving, and usually with any major heart abnormality your baby would have a failure to thrive. Good Luck and keep us posted.


Annette - June 15

My son has one too. According to the ped and my doctor brother it is perfectly normal an will disappear soon.


BaileysMummy - June 16

I know it is natural to freak after being told something like that. Your dr is right, a vsd is the most common congenital heart defect. Bailey had a VERY large vsd, as well as corrected transposition of the great arteries (very uncommon) and pulmonary stenosis. He required surgery when he was 3 wks old (particularly because of the CTGA). His defects were discovered at my 20wk ultrasound. If the vsd is small they usually do close within the first year. If it does not, depending on the size surgery may not even be required. It is not a huge worry with a small vsd as there would not be alot of mixing between the oxygenated and non-oxygenated blood (If there were problems your son would go blue, particularly hands and feet) All babies are born with an asd, which closes within a few days of birth. I recommend you get a referral and talk to a cardiologist. They can tell you exactly what it is and how big from the ecg/echo. After spending 9 weeks by Bailey's side in hospital, I am so grateful that we discovered and completed his surgery while he was a baby (Please don't stress though...he had a very serious defect....a vsd is minor) Check out this site for details on vsd (my sons hospital, believe me they are GENIUSES!) - - Best of luck and try not to stress!! :) Everything will be ok. Keep us posted.



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