PROBLEMS Conceiving 1st Lo How Much Time Till 2nd BABY

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andy - October 30

I would like to have another baby by the tima my dd is about 3 but considering we had a m/c and then problems conceiving , had to go into treatment to finally have my Bianka I don´t really know if it will be easy ... S o maybe we should just start trying ,,, BUT uf I do get pregnant ... DD is only 7 months ... If you had problems conceiving how much time are you planning on witing or how much time did you wait to have your second ... Thanks for sharing ...


sahmof3 - October 30

Well, I don't have any advice, but for what it's worth, here's my story. I got pregnant easily the first 2 (possibly 3, I think I had a chemical pregnancy in there because I got very faint BFPs on a few brands of tests for 2 days and then after that they were BFNs). Anyway, there was also a definite miscarriage (my first pregnancy) and then after the suspected chem preg I got pregnant with my oldest son only a few weeks later. So, later, when we decided to ttc # 2 we expected it to be easy. Wrong! Several months of BFNs later I saw the fertility specialist and found out that I had PCOS. Long story, many treatments later, I quit with the treatments and started considering adopting. Well, wouldn't you know, I finally got my BFP lol... 21 months after the first month we tried and had a baby girl 9 months later! So, when she was 8 months we decided we wanted a 3rd baby and decided to ttc right away. With my PCOS, plus the fact that I was still b___stfeeding and hadn't gotten a period back, we figured it would take a long time. Wrong again! It took 2 days!!! 17 months later our 3rd child (second boy) arrived (which we had previously said, "The worst that will happen is they will be 17 months apart" haha). Anyway, there's no guarantees, but if you don't mind the thought of close in age babies, it wouldn't hurt to start ttc now just in case it takes awhile again.


CWeber - October 30

Took me 8yrs with the first and now he is 7 months old. It happened naturally long after we had given up hope. Now we are already trying for the second. I would like them close together so if I get pregnant right away that would be great.


kimberly - October 30

It took me a year with my first and then when we wanted our second it took 3 years and I had to take a supplement to regulate my cycles for a while. Then we decided we wanted a girl and we tried for one month and we now have my dd. So I guess it just depends. You may have trouble again, but you also may not. If you wouldn't mind them close, then you should go for it.


Tracy88 - October 30

Andy we have a 6 month old and just did a round of fertility treatments. I wasn't willing to wait for mother nature to do her thing when she didn't do her job the first time. I am 37, almost 38 though, so that is why we are rushing things a bit.


DB - October 30

Hi andy. We had to see an RE to get pregnant with my dd, who is 9 months tomorrow :) So, I was dx with PCOS....I'm not sure I buy it's PCOS...I guess I just plain out don't ovulate, but I don't have the cysts, IR, testosterone, weight issues etc...anywhoo, not the point. I've made my RE appt for 12/4 for the inital consultation and plan to start treatments by mid Jan (we're on vacation for New Year's and such for the end of Dec-early Jan.) So, in a nutshell, we decided to TTC when my dd is almost 12 months old!! We wanted to earlier but dh is busy and out of town a lot this month, so we are just waiting til Jan. SOOOO excited...we want our kids close in age too. Good luck!


Justine1 - November 1

It took us 3 years and 1 IVF with ICSI to get our first child due to male infertility. Six months after I had her I got pregnant naturally, much to our amazement as we'ld been told this would never happen, so now have two children 14 months apart.


catgiggles - November 1

It took us 6 1/2 years to get pregnant with our first. Our ds is now 8 months old and we started ttc this month. We have always wanted our kids to be close in age. I think when we started trying all those years ago we didnt say 17 months apart but now that it took so long and we are getting older we decided to start now. Good luck all!


andy - November 2

Thank you all ... I know every case is different but I think we will start trying as soon as my BIanka is 1 year old ... Good Luck everyone !!!



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