Problems With Napping

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MayMama - July 27

Hello...I could really use some advice on this one. Our DS is 11 weeks old and sleeps great at night (usually 7-8 hrs) but is a horrible napper. He will nap fine if someone is holding him but we don't want him to have to be held every time he needs a nap. I am reading Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child but considering he isn't sleeping much in the day, I haven't gotten too far with it. I do put him down as soon as I notice he's getting sleepy and/or he's been awake for close to 2 hrs. No matter how sleepy he is, the minute he is in the crib (or swing, car seat, etc...I've tried putting him everywhere hoping something will work!) he will start crying and it usually escalates into full blown screaming and breath holding. Often, even if we pick him up at this point he will stop briefly but then start right up again. I feel that he's still too young to CIO but it's also very frustrating when he is screaming his head off and you know he doesn't need anything but some sleep. Any suggestions?


Nerdy Girl - July 27

He might still be too young to force a schedule on. I am still figuring this out too because my 2nd baby is a mystery with his sleep habits. My first baby was textbook. She fell into a perfect schedule on her own at about 4 months with two naps a day and 12 straight hours at night. My son is 8 months and a good napper, but still not consistently sleeping through at night. Personally at 11 weeks, I think you can still wait it out a bit. Oftentimes a schedule will fall into place once they start solids. What does Weisbluth say in the book about napping at 11 weeks? I cannot recall.


Jenn2 - July 27

my little girl is 6 weeks old now, and what I have started doing with her (and so far its working great) is...when it is time for nap/bedtime I swadle her, and then place her in her crib with a pacifier in her mouth. I say shh....shh several times, and rub her tummy. I will then walk out of the room (while shes still awake), and crack her door. If she starts crying...I let her cry for just a couple min. and then I go back in there (dont pick her up) and rub her tummy some more while saying shhh....shhhh. I will also put the pacifier back in her mouth. I will keep doing this cycle until she falls asleep. It could take a while the first few times, but it has started working with her. The main thing is if you want to do it this dont pick them up. If you do....then they will keep at it knowing you are going to eventually pick them up. Since she is still pretty young....I never let her go more than a few min. crying. the main thing is to go in there and let them know you are there for them w/o picking them up. hope this helps


Ca__sieSong - July 27

Your LO is still very young. When my dd was that age, I used white noise and swaddling... it really calmed her. She would usually only nap for 30-45 minutes at a time, but that was better than 2 minutes! At around 5 months or so, her naps slowly began to get longer and more regular. It will get better with time.


MayMama - August 3

Thanks for the suggestions...we used to swaddle him but he is so strong that he kicks out of them easily these days (plus it's been so hot here and we have no A/C so he pretty much has been wearing just a diaper). I've been trying the approach where I will comfort him without picking him up. It's not going terribly well but I will keep at it and hope it gets better. Yesterday he was awake from noon-6pm, finally crashed out after about 3 hrs of crying, slept about 7 hrs last night and now has been up since about 4am. His eyes are so red and puffy but he just won't let it go and sleep - whoever said babies will sleep when they need it never met my son : ) He is fussing in his crib as I type this (not full b__wn crying yet so I will leave him for a bit) and I'm really hoping he sleeps soon as he is very crabby and I don't think I can cope with another day like yesterday!



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