Projectile Vomiting

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Chelsey - January 4

Okay, this question is for me... not about my baby! Last night I was watching t.v. and all of a sudden started feeling very weak. I felt the blood draining right out of my face and when I stood up, I almost passed out. Thats when I just knew I needed to get to the bathroom- QUICK!!! I spend almost an hour throwing up, and had the worst stomach cramps ever!!! This morning I still do not feel so sh*t hot either! Could this be food poisoning? Is it possible to be the only one to get food poisoning, even though my family all had the same thing to eat last night? Could be the flu, although I haven't had it in over 10 I dont remember all the symptoms! Aaaahhh, somebody please put me out of my misery!


Rachael mommy2lucas - January 4

That could be either, its hard to tell. I hope you feel better soon! Hopefully its not the flu, so noone else in your house gets it. That really sucks!


monica - January 4

Oh my that sounds are you feeling today? with food poisoning you dont get a fever and usually goes away in a day or you feel like you have poison in your stomach?


Chelsey - January 4

I hope no one else gets it too! Uuggh, I'm too weak to answer threads.... so hopefully see you all around tomorrow! I'm going to go die now. xoxoxoxox


Chelsey - January 4

Sorry Monica....Today, I dont feel much greater. When I lean forward it feels like my stomach is in knots. I dont think I have a fever, but I do feel like I have bile (eeew, gross) or something in my tummy. Although that could just be more stuff waiting to come up....


monica - January 4

i think you have the food poisoning.


monica - January 4

oops...hope you feel better.


imo - January 4

smoke a joint, you're stomach will settle and you can keep some food down to soak up the poison.


Shannon - January 4

i had food poisoning when i was like 8 weeks pregnant (talk about scary!). what happened with me was i ate at tacos and a couple hours later while i was at home out of nowhere i suddenly felt extrememly sick. i threw up EVERYTHING in my stomach and i mean EVERYTHING. i continued to throw up every 20 or so minutes for about 12 hours. most of the time there was nothing but some stomach acid or water in my stomach (talk about the worst taste ever). i also had the WORST diahhria (sp?) ever. it was like going pee out of your b___t (sorry if tmi) and uncontrollable, i had to change my clothes a million times. there are different kinds of food poisoning but a lot of the time the involve vomitting and diahhrea. it could be a more mild version of food poisoning you had. did you have any meat not too much earlier before you threw up?


Amayas Mommy AKA Stephanie - January 4

To me it kinda sounds like the stomach virus. Amaya had this on Christmas, it started out with just vomiting and diarrhea (vomiting for about the first 6-8 hours, then diarrhea and vomiting, then just diarrhea...) She didnt get a fever until the oncall nurse told us not to give her tylenol. I would just keep fluids in and unless you get a fever just let it pa__s.


TC - January 4

Chelsey it might be food poisioning. I had food poisioning bf and it is so horrible. You could probably have it and not your family considering if you were the one that cooked the food. Meaning, you could have gotten poisioned from handling the raw product of whatever you cooked. I hope you feel better. Let us know the verdict.


Christy - January 4

Well, it is either food poisoning or stomach flu. I don't think it matters which it is b/c they feel similar and you'll treat them the same, with the exception that you may need Tylenol for fever and aches with stomach flu. I had the stomach flu a couple of years ago and this is what I did. Drink small sips of ginger ale or coke (ice cold is better imo) and get dh to get you some popsicles. They will help keep you from becoming dehydrated. You can also try Emetrol (sp?) OTC which supposedly helps with nausea. I didn't feel like it did much. Tylenol will help with a fever and aches. When you feel like you are ready to eat, try some clear broth and move to the BRAT (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast) diet. Some people do BRATY which includes yogurt. I hope you feel better soon!


The real Lissi - January 4

Poor Chelsey! Hope you are feeling better soon!



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