Prune Juice And Constipation

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ImpatientMommy - October 24

My daughter was REALLY constipated. The doctor told us to give her an oz. of prune juice mixed with an oz. of water twice a day. Yesterday was her first day having it twice and then this morning she pooped. It wasn't a huge poop but it looked like it was supposed to, not hard or anything. I was thinking we would give the prune juice to her twice again today and that's it just to make sure everything is cleared out. Is this bad to do? Is she going to get diarreha because of it? Since she went poop this morning and it was a normal poop (just not very big) does that mean everything is back to normal?


Mrs.Ireland - October 24

i give my dd prunce juice and water everyday because she is on soy formula, it really regulates her and she loves. Besides she getting her liquids!!!


DDT - October 24

I think 1x a day would be good enough. And you can do it for 2 more days. Remember, prune juice has sugar in it, even if it is natural sugar. When my ds was 4 months old he also went through a period where he became constipated often. I gave him 1oz prune juice mixed into his formula 1x a day (he wouldn't drink it with water) 2-3x a week. I did this for a few weeks until he started eating pear puree which also makes him "go"


madison - October 24

my daughter is on soy and we used to give her a little prune juice in one bottle of formula once a day. seems like we did that really often from around 2-4 months! she used to get really constipated but has been better since she's started solids (she's 7 months now). as long as it's just a little amount at a time she should be fine. a few weeks ago we let our dd have 4oz of white grape juice (does the same thing as prune juice our dr. said) and she did get diarreha. i think it was too much for her so stick with a little at a time!


ImpatientMommy - October 24

Yeah I'm thinking maybe I'll give her the 2 oz. mixture maybe twice a week. Her 4 month checkup is tomorrow and it sounds like the doctor is going to start her on solids soon so do you think I should stop the prune juice once she starts solids?


madison - October 25

once we started solids our dd was pooping like 4 times a day! so we didn't have to use prune juice then obviously. now its only 1 or 2 times a day, thankfully for me! just see how she does on the solids without the prune juice, it should get better....


aliciavr6 - October 25

My dr said it's okay to give 1oz of prune juice a day


squished - October 28

If you aren't comfortable with prune juice everyday as it has so much sugar and can cause diaper rash you can give your lo 1 oz. pear juice with 1 oz. water. Our lo loves it and it definetly helps to keep him regular. They even sell little bottles of pear juice that are great!



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