Pseudomonas Ear Infection In 6 Month Old

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brandy0903 - April 14

i haven't posted in about 4 months (baby keeps me busy) but down to the issue... my dd came down with an ear infection. we did 2 rounds of antibiotics and she had no improvement. Dr did a ear culture and sent it to the lab and also gave her an antibiotic shot. results came back as Pseudomonas Infection. as soon as the results came in the Dr called and requested that i bring her in to the office right away. he checked her again and gave her another antibiotic shot and told us that if she has no improvement in 3 days that he wants her in the hospital to do IV antibiotics and/or surgery. i don't know where to go from here. i have a million questions. can anyone help me with any info?


brandy0903 - April 14

the info that i am finding searching the net is not promising. someone has to have experience with this. please help


Kara H. - April 14

Wow that must be scary for you, kudos to your doctor for culturing! I personally know a couple of cases where a baby is on their fourth round of antibiotics and no one has even mentioned culturing. Sounds like your baby is in good hands


brandy0903 - April 14

excellent Dr - notices things that i haven't even noticed. i know that he has her best interest at hand. i know that things can be worse and i know that there are some moms that have dealt with far more worse than this but when you think about "my" baby - your concerns grow so huge that it feels like the worst thing ever. Kara - thanks for the post and concern


brandy0903 - April 14

some of my questions are:1. how do they put an IV in a baby? 2. has anyone's baby ever had surgery - what for and how was it? i am just nervous and hoping someone can make me feel more comfortable with their experience (i still would like posts even if it was a bad experience- i want to know what i am up against here)


Deirdra - April 14

Hi brandy i dont have experiance with ear infectiosn but IV's i do...they put an IV in the same way as an adult...its more stress for the baby b/c they really gotta hold there arm still, thats was really p__ses the baby off...this last hospital visit would be his 4th IV...and he is 6 months old...IV's are horrible to watch or even hear being done to a baby but keep in mind every round of medicine they dont poke her agian and agian...and oh once the IV is in the arm the tape it and put a board so baby cant move her arm and then wrap it agina and then at my hospital they put a slipper sock on it...b/c he is chewing on everything...once the IV is in the baby barely notices its there...they just know they cant use there hand like normal and they adjust...


brandy0903 - April 15

deidra - is your lo going to be ok, do u mind me asking what is going on with him? thanks for the info


Deirdra - April 15

Oh he is fine...he just gets brochitis ALOT...and sometimes its worse then others...but it seems whenever he goes to thehospital he gets something else ontop of it and gets dehydrated and blah blah but it also helps the fact when it goes to rounds of shots for medicines...this last time he went in for brochitis and then got the stomach flu and stopped eating/ he had fluids....


brandy0903 - April 15

i am glad to hear that it is not too major. my brother used to keep that too -- he grew out of it -- good thing too because now he is 16, 6 foot, 250lbs, size 15 shoe, i couldn't imagine how much meds they would have to give him now.


jpg - April 15

Good luck, i hope your little girl is getting better..keep us posted..


brandy0903 - April 20

ok so we had surgery this morning. it did not take long and she did have some bleeding out of one ear because they had to sc___pe pus from behind her eardrum. she is doing good. she has been sleeping most of the day but when she is awake she is playing and smiling. All is good and we are headed on a road of recovery now.


Kara H. - April 21



katieq1 - May 9

I found this post in searching about my 5 month's old ear infection with pseudomonas.  I'm hoping to ask the OP some questions.  Hope your baby is recovered now.  Just joined this site to post this so I'm still trying to figure it out and not sure if this is very recent 



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