Pt 2 Of Meal Time Battle

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ssmith - March 1

Okay, so I've decided that dd does NOT want me to feed her at all!! I am going to surrender. However, I am really having a panic about letting her feed herself, and making sure she's getting enough protein / veg / grains / fruit etc. I am a control freak, and this is making me NUTS! Please give me some ideas of what to feed a 10 month old. I think one of my biggest fears is that we will get to the point where she only eats bread. How do I get her to eat baby cereal ~~ they're supposed to eat that until they are at least 1, right? What about yogurt? ARGH.....I feel so out of control. Will she ever let me feed her again? She used to have a really good appet_te..... Thanks. Sorry for sounding so neurotic.....


Allie - March 1

I bought a product called "little dippers" in the baby aisle at target - it's a little spoon type thing that is easier for babies to self feed from - I have started letting my 9 month old use this to get her used to the action of feeding herself with a spoon, and she get's much more in her mouth than with the spoon.


ssmith - March 2

has anyone seen those in Canada?


snugglybugglys - March 2

My kids all got like that around the same age. I would give them a spoon, so they had the independence they were needing to feel...and sneak in bites to them with my own spoon.


Mellissa - March 2

when Rylee was 10 months she was eating pretty much by herself. I would give her spaghetti-o's (i rinsed them in warm water to get the sauce avoids a mess, and doesn't make their b___t sore). gerber also has pasta dishes for children. little raviollis, green beans, and so on. she loved canned carrots (cut into tiny pieces), bananas, anything soft that she could pick up with her fingers. gaver her spoons and let her try, but mostly she ate finger foods at that age.


LisaB - March 2

What finger foods does she eat????? I always offer protien/veggie/fruit and carbs ds will eat them all some days and nothing other days. You really don't want to try to control meal time this is one area where she can gain control so don't force it and make it into a huge deal. Keep offering choices at every meal find things she will always eat and offer those as well. At 10 mnths shes getting her nutrional values met by the b___st milk or formula still. If you relax she will too!


LisaB - March 2

I forgot to add that my ds will go for a week or two eating nothing then will eat like a mad man for a week or so- it does work out. Shewill not starve herself.


sahmof3 - March 2

Ooops.... I posted on your other thread before I read this one. I didn't realize that she IS willing to eat finger foods that she can do by herself. That's good! I'd say come up with some good finger foods in the food groups and let her have at it ;-)


kellens mom - March 2

Have you tried boiling some eggs and letting her eat the yolk? break them into small bites and mix them with some melted margrine (this is a tip from our sitter). Does she eat yogurt yet or are you asking if it is okay to start her on it? Dd eats yogurt all the time. Our sitter says that often kids get tired of cereal by 10 months of age, so it has to be hidden in order for them to eat it. I tried mixing it with yogurt and dd went crazy. I finally shut her off because I thought she might get sick. We also scramble egg yolks for her so she can feed herself. She has also really liked baked potatoes lately (surprisingly, she is happy with them plain). As she fingers the food and starts to open her mouth to shove something in, I quickly scoop in pureed carrots or another filling, healthy item. Someone already mentioned the distraction method of giving her a spoon. We give dd a bowl (with her few pieces of egg yolk for example) and find that it serves its purpose well. She has fun chasing around the egg and I get a chance to shovel as quick as possible!


Kara H. - March 2

What about if you let her sit in your lap and eat for a couple of meals and see if you can break this bad meal time cycle?


Kara H. - March 2

Also, does she eat WITH the family at dinner time? I would see you can peak her interest buy eating something she can have too for dinner and really make a big deal out of how yummy it is. Maybe a little reverse psychology will work on her


Emily - March 2

I have all but given up with trying to feed Marcy baby food. she wants to eat finger foods. I do this. I mix cereal in with futi unitl it is think and give her a spoon and let her go at it....she loves it but makes a complete mess! But at least she is getting some. also just continue to give her table food she will eat.


bradylove - March 2

oopps I posted on your other thread too and hadn't realized she was feeding herself!! ok ignore my posts!



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