Pulling Hair Mini Vent

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mandee25 - March 13

I love my ds with all my heart but lately he has started pulling my hair and it makes me not be able to enjoy holding him so much. It really hurts! I am sure it's just accidental that his hands grab and end up getting my hair.I guess I am getting it back for laughing at my dh when Noah started pulling his chest hair! Noah is almost 4 months old.


Erynn21 - March 13

My dd does this and has since about that same age(she's 6 months) I can say I cannot stand it, it hurts freaking bad and my dh thinks it's funny so he encourages her to pull my hair. I started firmly telling her No don't pull mommy's hair, it seems as though she understands that it is not something I enjoy. She still does it a t least once a day and she's getting stronger so sometimes she pulls hair out, it is aggravating.


aurorabunny - March 13

My ds is doing this so much that it is hard for me to hold him as well. He's 8 months and it makes him crack up when he pulls my hair...lol. He also pulls my lips, nose, eyelids....*sigh*. It DOES hurt! I have started saying "OUCH!" very loud when he does these things and that seems to help a little. I sympathize though.


Emmie - March 13

My son did this too. I finally cut my hair. It was almost to my waist and now it is at my shoulders.


Nita_ - March 13

My dd 8 months does this too! But usually it ends up with a wet smooch on my face! So I melt away and just kiss her back! :P If I say 'ouch' or scream, she thinks its funny and actually smiles! I dont think cutting it back is going to help as its already to my shoulders length! She grabs my lips, nose etc same as aurorabunny's son, so I guess they all go through this phase. Hopefully it's just a PHASE!


venus_in_scorpio - March 13

dd does that shes 4 months. I just tie my hair back when I am going to be holding her, then she just goes for the b___b fat or arm fat lol. the other day she gabbed a handful of my hair and jammed it in her mouth (shes teething). hehe. OOWW



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