Pumping Issues

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Jamie - December 12

Okay; so, I haven't needed to pump in a while, til this past weekend; we got a babysitter, but I only had enough milk for 1 and a partial 2nd feeding; so I tried to pump more, but was only able to pump 2 ounces in a 2 day period. Fortunately, the milk I had ended up being enough, but it's now all used up. But, this Friday night, I have to go to a stupid ball thingy for my husband's unit...I NEED to pump more milk! I used to be able to pump 8 ounces, no problem...now I struggle to get 2 ounces...Renity is getting enough herself, I'm sure, but I just can't seem to pump any. What can I do?


momma - December 12

maybe you could try pumping every day and freeze it in thoose little baggies then if you do get less you wont have to worry cuz you will have a supply built up


Jamie - December 12

I could...but that's not gonna help me by Friday. Thanks, though.


monica - December 12

they sell herbs and tea from what I heard but I am not sure how long that will take. eat and drink a lot and pump every two hours..sorry this is all I can think of.


kris10 - December 12

there are herbs you can take, called fenugreek and blessed thistle.. usually takes a few days to get into your system to increase milk supply. Also, there is a tea called mothers milk which helps promote lactation. You can find these in natural food stores, and they have helped me to increase my supply. Good Luck!


Jamie - December 12

I've been looking, can't find 'em here...what are they called in German? Cause the American stores don't carry either. I also heard that oatmeal can increase supply, so I ate 3 bowls on Sunday and 2 today - yuck...but no difference. I also increased my water intake almost to the point of overhydration...no luck.


Chelsey - December 12

There is a medication my Doctor recommended for me, that helps to increase milk supply significantly! I dont remember the name, but it starts with the letter "m". I was also told to pump for 20 minutes... 5 minutes right b___b, 5 minutes left b___b, then 5 minutes right b___b, and finally 5 minutes left b___b!


Kathryn - December 12

Will your daughter drink formula? I had to mix Enfamil with b___stmilk for a while to get Nathan used to formula.


kris10 - December 12

jamie - this won't help you for this weekend, but you can buy those herbs online. Go to iherb.com


desiree - December 12

Keep pumping every 2 -3 hours. Your b___sts will likely realize the need for more milk, and make lots all of a sudden. My son couldn't latch and I pumped 7 times a day around the clock for months. When I needed to increase the supply I just pumped more, no matter how much I got at the time in a few days I had tons.


kris10 - December 12

Just wanted to share that I am glad there is this website. I thought I was the only one in the world that was pumping exclusively and bottle feeding with my expressed b___st milk. My daughter's pediatrician tries to talk me into working with a lactaction consultant to get her to latch each time we see him. He thinks it's odd how I do it... he just makes me feel weird. So, it's nice to hear other women are doing the same thing...


Jamie - December 13

I'm gonna try to pump every few hours today...like every time she takes a nap. And, no, she refuses formula - screams her head off, like we're trying to poison her.


T. - December 13

Just curious, what kind of formula do you use? When I switched over to formula, my daughter didn't like Similac, but she loved Enfamil Lipil with Iron (the milk based one). Maybe you could try a different kind of formula if you're still not getting enough milk out. Good luck!


lisa - December 13

very interestingg to read


Jamie - December 14

I don't even know - and don't really care, either. I'm not trying to wean my daughter, so I don't really want her on formula. If I can't get enough milk pumped by Friday, then I'll just have to go feed her every 3 hours. PITA, but doable.


Jamie - December 17

Just an update in case anyone cares...lol...Friday morning, I got up and was able to pump 7 ounces! Bringing my total of stored milk up to enough that I was able to leave the baby with the baby sitter with no worries.


kris10 - December 17

Jamie- Just curious, did you change anything in order to get that much milk pumped at one time?



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