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Ginny - July 10

I just went to pump and realized that I had left off those little rubber thingies when I packed my bag, which rendered the whole pump USELESS. Which means I am at work with a pair of super swollen twins!! I sat there for 20 minutes trying to express some by hand, but without practice, my first couple of shots sort of missed the bottle. So my white blouse is a little see through now, offering a nice window to my world. And since I haven't leaked since my milk ing pattern was established, I stopped wearing nursing pads, so any further wetness will go unchecked. . . . And I work in an office full of pervy men. This long day just got a little longer!! I suddenly have a lot more respect for bottle feeding mothers.


Jamie - July 10

I have had that happen...my first day away from baby, she was 6 weeks - a friend and I drove to a town 2 hours away to go shopping at a bazaar...I didn't think to bring a pump, and by the end of the day I was in tears it hurt so bad.


Miriam - July 10

Oh I know how you feel. The first day I came back to work I also forgot a part of my pump. I ended up hand expressing without much success. Not to scare you or anything but I ended up getting a clogged duct because of it and had to work a long time on getting it fixed. So even if it takes a long time, you should try to empty the b___sts.


babyO - July 10

OMG this happened to me too! First week I came back to work! I had to express by hand! You should def do it a little more...funny cuz i forgot one of those parts today! Luckily I still have the other one but I cant double pump so takes me a little longer..


ash2 - July 10

i had this happen to me when i was at church ! soooo embarrasing! take a long lunch and go home, or tell your boss, he/she will understand.


Heather F - July 11

is there any way you can go home "sick" so you dont have to suffer the whole day like that?


Heather F - July 11

oh, this was yesterday...so what happened then?



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